spyderco para 2 vs 3


spyderco para 2 vs 3

Inspired by the iconic Para Military™ 2, the Para 3 distills all the features of that best-in-class folding knife into a more compact, carry-friendly package. So I don’t really think the price differences here are very significant at all. And I�ve probably handled over 1,000 pieces from the brand. So the Paramilitary 3 is a full inch shorter when the blade is deployed. Buy the Spyderco Para 3 SPY-Para3 on sale for a great price at our online store! It also comes in Plain Edge and in Spyder Edge versions, but you can also get it with a Combination Edge, which is a half plain edge and half serrated blade…. That said, my one quibble is that the edge grind on my PM2 was not completely even. Spyderco Para 3 Signature Folding Knife with 2.95" Stainless Steel Blade and Durable G-10 Handle - PlainEdge - C223GP. With the adjustments Spyderco made to the design, the Para 3 lives up to the billing. Spyderco vs. Benchmade. Like I mentioned before, the Paramilitary 2 is a more compact version of the Military model (and the Para 3 is an even smaller design in the Spyderco Military model family)… The blade length on the Para 2 is 3.42 inches long, and the handle comes in at 4.82 inches long. Though not the most exciting variant in this list, there is something to be said about the cool green color found on this knife. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program (and other potential affiliate networks), an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. We�ve saved the best for last. I much prefer the blade shape of the Endura over the PM2. Any way you slice and dice it, the Paramilitary 2 is a performer. The Paramilitary 2 may be a utilitarian beast, but it is lacking in the flashiness category. So naturally, it’s going to be a little bit smaller…. It’s a special mechanism designed and patented by Spyderco, and it adds a lot of strength to these particular knife designs. ], Spyderco Chaparral Vs Delica [Which Knife Is Best For You? M390, or ], Spyderco Chaparral Vs Dragonfly [Which Is The Better Knife For You? shines is As I mentioned before, CPM S30V is usually regarded as the best knife steel out there because it is very strong and fairly resistant to corrosion…. This is one of the most popular knives in history, and for good reason. Unfortunately I won’t be able to give exact numbers in this category because the prices of these knives are changing all the time…, That being said, both the Paramilitary 2 and the Paramilitary 3 are very close to being the same price. It�s incredible tanto blade shape offers both added utility and awesome looks to this already rad knife. The Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 is a mid-sized EDC (slightly on the larger end) measuring around 8.3 inches in total. Even though the Paramilitary 2 is a smaller version of the Military model, it’s still a decent sized folding knife…. Although the Golden, CO knives are fundamentally different in overall ethos than the Taichung stuff, if this Para 3 is a fair representative of the new plant’s capabilities, they are every bit their equal in term… While the standard version of the Para 3 has a slightly less sharpened edge than the Mini Grip, it does have a larger handle. Where the PM2 really shines in terms of materials is the availability of blade steel upgrades and a booming aftermarket mod scene. By using this site, you accept our, G-10 Handle Scales with Stainless Steel Liners. The PM2 features Spyderco�s standard 3-hole pocket clip. Copyright © Kihara Zourin Corporation. The BHQ M4 exclusive run (no longer available) would probably score a 10/10 in this department while I would give the S110V version a 9/10. Right up there with the Sage 1 and Dragonfly 2 for my favorite Spydies. The blade measures about 3.4 inches in length with a cutting edge of just over 3 inches. Dan. The Para 3 is a highly effective military style blade, conveniently packed in a folding blade form, only smaller and narrower than the Para 2. 50 ($40.77/oz) $199.95 $199.95. Spyderco C223GPDBL Para 3 Compression Lock * $ 178.50 Add to cart; Spyderco C133P Bug Knife. Just as with the Para 2, the Para 3 is available in many different blade steels, but the most common is CPM S30V. The current battle is for the Best Lightweight Knife. The Para 3 Lightweight is another member of a proud Spyderco family that began with the introduction of the original Military model in 1996. can take much, much longer. It seems to fall well into anyone�s grip regardless of hand size. Check them out below, but keep in mind that many of them are completely sold out and never returning! I�m a righty, but if you happen to rock the southpaw you may have some difficulty closing the knife one-handed with the Compression Lock. That brings the overall length to 7.24 inches long when the blade is locked out. For a knife at its price point, the Paramilitary 2 is an absolutely amazing value. It's wonderful that knife can open and close without having your fingers in the path of the blade. March 5, 2016 at 8:47 pm. So again, it is strong and lightweight and feels great in your hand. The forward finger choil is a godsend for detail work. I really love Spyderco knives… Their designs are unique, and they’re built to a very…, Sometimes I feel a little bit spoiled by Spyderco… They just keep coming up with…, Spyderco is one of my favorite knife companies… I love the way their blades perform,…. I’m a big fan of it because it locks out the blades on both of these knife designs very securely. One sharpening session on my Edge Pro Apex alleviated the knife of this issue, but I would be remiss not to mention it.. You can buy slicier knives than the Paramilitary 2. Spyderco Manix 2 Sprint REX 45 Burnt Orange G10 C101GPBORE2 . Introduced in 2010, the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 has quickly become one of the most popular knives ever. In addition to that, the Paramilitary 2 has jimping on the spine and also on the finger choil on the front of the handle which will help give you more control when using the knife, and the handle itself is long, lightweight, and very comfortable. The Para 3 takes all the proven features and benefits of Spyderco’s best-selling Para Military™2 and distills them into an even more compact all-purpose cutting tool. Just as with the Paramilitary 2, the Spyderco Paramilitary 3 comes with a G-10 handle that comes in a variety of patterns and colors, and there are also many versions with metallic or black blades as well. I might have thought that at some point, but give one a chance and you�ll see how eager that knife is to be put to work. This brings the overall length to 8.24 inches long when the blade is fully deployed. That said, I think this knife approaches perfection in terms of EDC blade geometry. ), Both the Paramilitary 2 and the Paramilitary 3 have a metal clip, and the really cool thing is that you can set the clip up for tip up carry or for tip down carry and it can go on either side of both knife models…. With your hand locked into the forward finger choil, this knife feels much more nimble. And in this Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Vs 3 comparison, we’re going to examine how these two folding knives stack up against each other in the following categories: In the end, I’ll tell you which of these two knives I prefer, and you should have all the information you need to determine which one will work best for you…. I created this site to help people who are new to knife ownership or who need a little extra information when deciding which is the right knife they should get. They have been released with some of the finest blade steels and handle materials. Slicey at the tip with a utilitarian thickness at the edge, this knife can do it all. I�m a big fan of the Paramilitary 2 in hand. That brings the overall length to 7.24 inches long when the blade is locked out. Buy Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Folding Knives, Spyderco Knives' Paramilitary 2 pocket knife models are some of the most sought after. 4.9 out of 5 stars 236. “The Para 3 is an American made EDC folder with ergonomic features designed to take on the toughest cutting jobs,” Spyderco’s Joyce Laituri tells us. The Spyderco Paramilitary 3 is also built with high-quality materials. It may be smaller than the Para Military 2… Drop point? The blade on the Para 3 is 2.95 inches long, and the handle is 4.29 inches long. If you love the PM2, you’re guaranteed to like the Para 3. The Para 2 is one of Spyderco’s best IMO. Few things are as satisfying as shiny copper and super steel. The PM2 scores major points in this category, because it is without a doubt the most iconic product within their product line. ], The Best EDC Knives Under 100 Dollars (Top 3)…, The Best EDC Knives Under 200 Dollars (Top 3)…, The Best EDC Knives Under 50 Dollars (Top 3)…, Spyderco Chaparral Vs Native 5 [Which Is The Better Knife For You? Just as the Paramilitary 2 is a smaller version of the Military model, the Paramilitary 3 is a smaller version of the Paramilitary 2…, That means that both the blade and the handle are a little bit more compact, but overall, they are very similar to the Para 3’s bigger brother…, Now the blade is a little bit more broad, but again, it largely follows that same shape as the Para 2. Now the handle on the Para 2 is made from G-10. from Knifecenter.com - The Original and Largest Online Catalog of Cutlery Spyderco Paramilitary 2 and Para 3 custom scales (US Flag) June 7, 2018. Sometimes they’re actually priced exactly the same…. I don’t really notice any benefits of the Para 3 in terms of difference in weight or size in pocket over the PM2. …and you can get it with a naked metallic blade, a black blade, and many other blade finishes as well. Where a steel like S30V really For less than $150 you get an all-around great CPM-S30V blade steel and stainless-steel lined G-10 handle scales�all in a bombproof, warrantied, USA-made package. …and other times you might find the Paramilitary 3 for around 10 bucks less expensive than the Paramilitary 2. Now, on the Para 2, the blade has a high-performance full flat-grind, and you can get it with either a Plain Edge or with the Spyder Edge, which is a serrated edge offered by Spyderco. I tend to prefer a deep carry clip for EDC, and luckily there are a variety of aftermarket options available on that front. Updated by So the Paramilitary 2 is 1.28 inches shorter than it’s bigger brother. That makes it strong and relatively lightweight, but it’s also comfortable and ergonomic in the hand. Hey, my name is Dave, and I’m an avid knife collector. Not only the Para 2 has better steel to make the blade while also being made in the country, this blade is sharper out of the box and retains the edge longer in combination to rust resistance. You can also open the knife easily by depressing the Compression Lock and swinging the blade into position. $143.50 $ 143. That said, S30V is a great steel! Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight Sprint Burnt Orange FRN CPM Rex 45 C223PBORE . Spyderco is one of the top knife brands in the world & I ordered Spydero Paramilitary 2 back in 2015. Last, Spyderco offers the Paramilitary 2 with a number of different finishes and handle colors. It is smaller and narrower than the Para 2. I really love that Spyderco gives you so many options when it comes to the looks of this knife. BD1 steel then upgraded steel. In some cases it may take 1 or even 2 months from Europe to the US. I own my first Spyderco (a Police) back in 1995/1996. As I mentioned earlier, the Paramilitary 2 is a scaled down version of the Spyderco Military model. Spyderco's best-selling Para 3 folding knife distilled all the key qualities of their time-tested Para Military 2 model into an ultra-compact, carry-friendly format. Model # SP-C223PBORE . When the Spyderco Para 3 came out 2 years ago, it had big shoes to fill. If you love the PM2, you’re guaranteed to like the Para 3. There are amazing portable sharpeners available today, such as the Spyderco Sharpmaker. Jul 30, 2015. On certain steels this process In addition to unique scales, this PM2 has been outfitted with a slicey S45VN blade. Again, I love the variety of blade colors, handle colors and edges that Spyderco offers for this knife. ... COV19 shipping update: From March 2020 shipping time is longer. I love the distinctive quality of the PM2 that stands out even when compared to other products in the Spyderco line. Spyderco Tenacious vs Para 2 These knives may look very similar but in fact are pretty different. To me, a few bucks here or there isn’t really a big deal when you’re looking for a folding knife in this price range. Like I mentioned before, the handle material is G-10 which I think is a great choice because it’s strong and gives you a fair amount of purchase when you’re holding the knife. The Compression Lock is extremely reliable and secure. It's cool to carry a knife made from Maxamet, Quality and performance are key. And we can’t forget that CPM S30V also holds it’s edge extremely well. This knife is a tank and boasts a weight of 7.47oz! You can�t go wrong with S30V, but it just doesn�t quite meet the edge holding of other special editions released by Spyderco. It allows for a less bulky knife that is easy to transport and has the same cutting performance. If you have questions about the Spyderco Para 3 or other Pocket Knives we sell, contact us to speak with a product expert who can recommend the best Pocket Knives for you. These knives are a sample of what Spyderco is capable of and they should give you an idea of the kinds of things to look forward to as future variants of the Paramilitary 2 come out. Due to the company’s ever-evolving policy of constant quality improvement (CQI), the Para 2 is a vamped up and evolved version of the original. If you love the PM2, you�re guaranteed to like the Para 3. Out of Stock . Once again the Paramilitary 2 is 8.24 inches long when fully open. See the original LW knife in Spyderco’s line up—the Manix 2 LW. Or maybe you call it a leaf shaped blade? enough to slice through phone book paper and stick against my thumbnail. The addition of a black coated CPM M4 blade increase the already amazing performance of this knife and give it a sinister look compared to plain satin colored blades. The Endura's overall blade length is 3.75" with a cutting edge of 3.44". You can be confident carrying any knife with a high Knife Life Score. The Spyderco Para 3 offers the same great ergonomics of the Paramilitary 2 in a smaller, more urban friendly package. CPM S30V is considered a premium grade knife steel because it is strong and does a good job of resisting corrosion…, It’s also a great steel for edge retention, so you won’t be stuck having to sharpen your knife all the time…. I feel like the PM2 is the perfect size between the Military and Para 3. The PM2 Copper/REX 45 is one of the most flashy and unique Spyderco knives to ever exist. The smaller blade size versus the PM2 is a matter of opinion – I think the sweet spot for daily use is right around 3.5”, so for me the Para 3 is a little on the small side, but some people prefer sub 3” blades for EDC use as they lend themselves more naturally to detail oriented tasks. Both Spyderco Delica and Para 3 are quite different despite looking similar as the former comes with 73mm blade length and 65mm edge length with blade thickness of 2.5mm. FREE Shipping. Don�t get me wrong, a well-used PM2 is guaranteed to get you likes on Instagram or Reddit�s KnifeClub, but this piece is not by any means a full-dress Protech or Mokuti custom. ], Spyderco Endura Vs Military [Which Is The Better Knife For You? Later … All Rights Reserved. Both the Paramilitary 2 and the Paramilitary 3 use Spyderco’s Compression Lock. The Paramilitary 2 (middle) is a perfect size for general EDC tasks, but you�re also in luck if you�re looking for something a little bigger or smaller. These special knives have helped to solidify the PM2 as a must-have knife, and have fueled a community obsession for unique and rare Spyderco knives. Spyderco is one of the most popular knife brands out there, and for good reason…, Their knives are well-designed, built with quality, and just plain cool…, Two of their most popular designs right now are scaled down versions of the (also very popular) Military model…. I love the versatility of the PM2�s blade. I do notice the worse ergo (for me atleast) and shorter blade length of the Para 3… You can also definitely find a beefier blade. The 45 extra seconds you spend on this page shall determine a great choice or a regret for years . Again, the quality level from Spyderco on this knife is impressive. Tasteful design and ritzy details are also important. Blade HQ Staff Writer Logan Rainey on 08/24/2020. Spyderco Military Vs Paramilitary 2 [Which Is The Right Knife For You? The PM2 is built from the edge up to be the ultimate EDC performer. Enjoy yours in good health! Spyderco is known for radical designs and unique color ways and this is no exception. I geek out over 'Super Steels' just as much as the next guy. See also every evergreen knife in the Spyderco line up (and to be fair, lots of knife companies do this). Companies like Flytanium (copper scales pictured) and Lynch Northwest make the gear you need to customize your knife to your heart�s desire. Sign up for the wishlist to get your hands on one before they�re gone for good! Blade HQ uses cookies to provide you a better user I�ve even found that the knife can be opened in a reverse grip with the ring finger for a tactical opening. From the pocket clip to the Spydie Hole and their usage of the finest, cutting edge steels in the world, Spyderco has never been afraid to break the mold. You can expect perfect action and centering any time you pick up a Spyderco, or at least that�s been my experience. So the Paramilitary 3 is a full inch shorter when the blade is deployed. It features grippy G-10 scales and Spyderco�s convenient Compression lock. The Benchmade Bugout has sat atop the throne for a couple of years now, but does the Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight have what it takes to conquer the mountain and stake its claim as the best one? It is made in Golden, CO, and is the first SpydercoI’ve handled that was produced in their new facility. This Blade HQ exclusive won�t be here forever so it�s well worth picking up. It has a premium full flat ground plain edge blade which is manufactured with the remarkable S30V steel as standard. The blade on the Para 3 is 2.95 inches long, and the handle is 4.29 inches long. Learn more about the Spyderco Para 2 Developed in 2010, Spyderco’s Para 2 is an impressive take on a glorious and extremely popular predecessor. Again, the Paramilitary 3 was built to be a more compact version of the Paramilitary 2. All in all, I think it’s a fantastic folding knife! After all, it was following up on one of the most popular and timeless knife designs ever, the Para Military 2. They won’t completely disappear, the way some knives will (with just the clip showing), but they’re both fairly low profile when clipped inside your pocket. (And just as a side note the Paramilitary 3 is 2.28 inches shorter than the full-sized Spyderco Military model. During the last ten years, we�ve seen dozens of variants come and go in the form of sprint runs, exclusives and limited releases. The big dogs duke it out again. All in all, I’m very impressed with the blade steel and other materials that Spyderco uses on this knife. I prefer the Paramilitary 2…, I prefer the Paramilitary 2 because it’s a larger folder, but at the same time it’s not too big for EDC (every day carry)…, I love the blade length and shape, and I like that you can get it with a Plain Edge or with the Spyder Edge (again, I prefer the Plain Edge versions)…, Also, the handle is just a little bit longer on the Paramilitary 2, which makes it just a touch more comfortable in the hand when you’re using it, and I love that it comes in a variety of different handle colors and patterns…. 4,476. Read on because we�re going to take a deep dive into all the Paramilitary 2 can do! Or see how the Para 2 fared in our Best American Made Knives article. in sharpening. Ergonomics of the Para 3. 2020-10-03. If you still need more convincing, check out the video below as The Late Boy Scout puts the PM2 to test in the great outdoors. The Para 3 set out to be a better option for EDC, by offering a smaller, but … Not too hard on the wallet, built like a tank, and always hankering for action, the PM2 is everything I hoped it would be. Spyderco stands for innovation. Since its introduction in 2010, the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 has been a favorite EDC knife�and it seems like as time goes on, the knife only gains in its cult popularity. In addition to that, the handle on the Para 3 is (just like the Para 2) made from G-10. Comfortable handle scales meet a graceful leaf-shaped blade in an organic union. The PM2's overall blade length is 3.44" with a cutting edge of 3". The compression lock is a very desirable feature and the entire knife is built super tough. I�ve been carrying a PM2 for a few months now, and it�s time to put pen to page for a review. ], Spyderco Endura Vs Police [Which Is The Right Knife For You? It's available in several different handle/blade variations and a regular or lightweight set-up. The PM2 has the choil, which obviously takes away from the cutting edge. The included clip will match the finish of the blade, so it will either be metallic (in color) like the blade or black like the black-bladed versions of these knives. It’s available in a variety of different blade steels, but I think the most common is CPM S30V. This clip is perfect from a functional, utilitarian perspective. use, my Paramilitary 2 blade was still sharp The front of the blade is incredibly slicey and thin at the edge. Luckily, Spyderco released a left hand PM2. The Para 3 (bottom) is the perfect knife for smaller handed folks or people that can�t legally carry a knife with a blade over 3�. Other options New from $143.45. So it’s no surprise that the blade shape is similar…, That being said, the blade is a bit shorter and slightly more broad than the long 4 inch blade on the Military model…. Benchmade - Bugout 535 EDC, Made in … This knife can be easily deployed with a traditional thumb opening, 2 handed, or with the famous Spydie Flick. This locking mechanism basically incorporates the blade tang, a stop pin, and a ramp to lock out the blade…. This means you can set up both knives to carry any way you want them to in your pocket, and I really like that Spyderco gives you that flexibility. Almost all Spyderco knives have a "love it or leave it" aesthetic, but how can you deny a refined, "form meets function" styling? I carry it many years. In an industry inundated with olive drab, it�s nice to see something different for a change. Through over a month of consistent Is the blade on a Paramilitary 2 a clip point? The Para 3 is also offered in upgraded versions, often duplicating Sprint Runs from the Paramilitary 2 … Just as a comparison, the Spyderco Military model is 9.52 inches long when fully opened. If you�ve never handled a Military, it may seem like a gratuitous novelty. Give both a try! Reply. The ergos make this knife feel like a small knife, while it still performs the jobs of a big knife. Knife Life is all about representing your personality and passion through the knife you carry in your pocket every day. Still kicking butt after all these years, the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 would be an ideal EDC for any knife lover. Once again the Paramilitary 2 is 8.24 inches long when fully open. Para is not far different with an overall blade length of 75mm with the edge measured at 67mm and blade thickness of 3.8mm. If you want to try a deep carry clip for Spyderco knives, you can never go wrong with a Lynch Northwest clip. This ultra-limited variant of the Paramilitary 2 is one of our all-time favorites. ], Spyderco Manix 2 vs Paramilitary 2 [Which Is The Better Knife For You? At this point, you're probably asking why we're showing you knives that aren't currently available. I hope you find the information useful! One of the most iconic folding knives ever created, the Military later inspired the first-generation Paramilitary design in 2004 and the more refined Paramilitary 2 in 2010. Like its bigger brother, the Para 3 has the Compression Lock, textured G-10 scales, and a full-flat ground blade. Blade HQ did a run of PM2�s in CPM-M4 steel and an S110V version is regularly available for purchase. One side looked great whereas the opposite edge wavered with a thick area at the tip and heel of the blade and an appropriately sized bevel in the center. Preferably para 3 vs manix 2 light but if you dont own one of the two you can go para 2 vs manix 2 Aug 2, 2017 #5. sharp_edge Gold Member Gold Member. The Para 3 (bottom) is the perfect knife for smaller handed folks or people that can’t legally carry a knife with a blade over 3”. All the little details are well thought out. experience. ]. This is my experience with the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 after using it extensively for 4 years. When a new knife is brought to market, it will invariably be compared to the performance of a Paramilitary 2�if it�s lucky! The Military (top) is a behemoth of a folder with a 4� blade and lengthy scales to match. Either way, I hope I was able to show you the major differences between these two amazing knife designs from Spyderco! The miniature version of the Paramilitary 2 is the famous Para 3. ], Spyderco Delica Vs Endura [Which Is The Right Knife For You? Custom scales for Spyderco Paramilitary 2 (v.3) and Delica 4 (v.19) July 16, 2017. Teased at a recent SHOT Show, the Paramilitary 2 Tanto is the stuff of dreams. The Sage is now 2nd on my buy list, I did get a deal on a Dragonfly 2 and it’s a great knife although I’m not a big fan of lockback knives. If you didn�t have the chance to pick up one of these limited edition knives, check out Flytanium to pick up a pair of their copper scales. You can get it with a camo handle, a blue handle, a black handle, and many others…. The Spyderco Paramilitary 2 is built with a lot of high quality materials. Rock the simple PM2 as it ships or deck yours out on the mod scene. The combination of the Spydie Hole with the Compression Lock system is a match made in heaven. For anyone who was able to snag one of these, it is one of those knives that will age well and spark conversation. So to sum it all up, in the Blade Steel And Materials category both knives come in a variety of blade steels, but the most common is CPM S30V, which is a great choice because it’s strong, corrosion resistant, and holds an edge well…, In the Blade Shape And Handle Design category, both knives have a similar blade shape with the Paramilitary 2 being a little bit longer than the Paramilitary 3, and they both come in a variety of finishes, handle colors, and with or without serrated blades…, In the Locking Mechanism category, both knives use Spyderco’s patented Compression Lock which means the blades on both designs will lock out very securely…, In the Size And Dimensions category, the Paramilitary 3 is a full inch shorter in overall length than the Paramilitary 2…, In the Pocket Clip And Carry Position category, both knives have a fully adjustable clip so you can carry them tip up or tip down within your pocket…, And last, in the Price Comparison, both knives are about the same price with the Paramilitary 3 sometimes being just a  few bucks less expensive…, So which of these knives do I prefer? The blade is 3.42 inches long, and the handle is 4.82 inches long. The Para 3 has a blade length of just about 3”, with a cutting edge of 2 5/8”, an overall length of 7 1/8”, and a weight of 3.37 oz. With a little more beefiness towards the back of the edge, you can readily employ this knife for harder use tasks. Talking to my coworkers around the office, everyone had positive things to say about the ergonomics of the PM2. Rob says. Check out our Best Knife Steel Guide to learn more. Out of Stock . There�s no overly offensive branding or billboarding. Retaining the intuitive and strong compression lock, the Para 3 is a reliable EDC tool that will offer all day comfort at just 3.4 ounces.

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