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wema lion guard

Upon meeting Kion, Wema and Tunu are fearful of him, and they continue to hide from him even after he returns the watering hole to the hyena clan. Sign Up. This episode contains examples of: A Day in the Limelight: For Thurston (strangely, however, he is neither mentioned by name or even in the credits). Plot The Lion Guard is a 2023 American animated television series developed by Ford Riley and based on Disney's 2019 remake of The Lion King. Later, the Lion Guard saves Wema, Jasiri, and Tunu from perishing in a lava pit. And I am so sorry. Even after Kion saves Wema's clan from the Outsiders, Wema continues to react with fright to Kion's presence. Log In. 3.9K 87 22. ... "Jasiri told us it when she came back from scavenging!" Wema and Tunu are young hyenas that are members ofHafsa's Clan. Sections of this page. She and her brother are playful hyena pups. Fiona Hart She is the sister of Tunu, and a member of Jasiri's clan. Female The Lion Guard then confronts Janja and his clan, driving them off and rescuing Jasiri, Tunu, and Wema from the steam vent. My Reason: Characters left: 140 I Don't Have A Reason / I'll Add One Later. She ended. Madoa did," Wema stuck her tongue out and at her brother, crossing her front paws in irritation. eben if you had stayed there would be nother you could have done. Dec 1, 2016 - Tunuand Wema are young hyenas that appear in The Lion Guard. She was voiced by Maia Mitchell. Nicknames Shrek and Fiona's Children - Tunu, Wema (The Lion Guard) and Stinky (Alpha and Omega 2: A How-liday Adventure) Artie - Wart (The Sword in the Stone) Merlin - Himself (Disney) Snow White - Herself (Disney) Cinderella - Herself (Disney) Sleeping Beauty - Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) Rapunzel - Dianne "Di" Amara (Big Hero 6: the Series) They make their debut in "Lions of the Outlands", and are members of Jasiri's Clan. "We weren't! She is a female spotted hyena cub, the sister of Tunu, and a member of Jasiri's clan. We were just playing Lion Guard." The Lion King Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. They are very playful with their clan mates. Comments Add a Comment. How... Riveting? They look up to Jasiri fe… Merci beaucoup, tout le monde! When Janja appeals to Jasiri for help, Wema is seen sleeping next to Tunu. Wema (Voiced by Fiona Hart) is a young hyena that resides in the Outlands in The Lion Guard. Later, Jasiri thanks the Lion Guard for their help and expresses concern over how overzealous Janja and his clan had been. The Lion Guard Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. They make their debut in "Lions of the Outlands", and are members of Jasiri's Clan. She and her brother then hide from Kion, because the only lions they've ever seen are bad ones. Wema joue avec douceurs ce qui étonne toujours les autres lionceaux. I told the Lion Guard to meet me at Flat Ridge Rock and hoped they wouldn't get lost. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Create New Account. His paws and muzzle are also this color. Found you, Wema!" ... Wema and Tunu after their arrival from the edge of their territory. Related Pages. Her legs and paws are dark purple and her tail is dark purple on top and light purple underneath. The Lion Guard return to their home, the Pride Lands, only to find out their true place in the Circle of Life is the Tree of Life. The three hyenas thank the Lion Guard and return to their clan. Il eu une fille avec Wema nommée Ehanaa (de ange'). Hyena Wema is a young hyena that resides in the Outlands. Her eyes are navy blue. Ironically, I was the one to get lost in the Outlands. The series was first broadcast with a television film titled The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar on Disney Channel on November 22, 2015, and began airing as a TV series on January 15, 2016, on Disney Junior. Wema is first seen playing with her brother, Tunu, and Jasiri's sister, Madoa. Over time, she has overcome her fear of lions, at least where Kion is concerned and is appreciative of a rescue. or. Meaning Animé par Andreas Deja et doublé par Jeremy Irons, Scar (cicatrice en anglais) est le principal antagoniste dans Le Roi Lion. Wema VOICE Fiona Hart. The clan launches their attack, and Jasiri desperately attempts to protect the cubs from harm. Shrek - Janja (The Lion Guard) Donkey - Alebrije (Legend Quest) Fiona - Jasiri (The Lion Guard) Puss in Boots - Kion (The Lion Guard) Big Bad Wolf - Classified (The Penguins of Madagascar) Three Blind Mice - Templeton (Charlotte's Web; 1973), Remy and Emile (Ratatouille) … Even tose who are gone are with us as we go on. The lion guard. About her Wema is the daughter of Abioye and Jasiri, as well as the sister of Tunu and the granddaughter of Zara. or. Kion bristles at this and claims to have known she was there the whole time, but Jasir… Hyena Resistance. Le règne de Fixe n'aura duré que 24h, lui et Wema habitent toujours au Rocher du Lion et Fixe a également de trés bons rapports avec Vitani ainsi que sa Guarde mais aussi avec Kion qu'il admire beaucoup en allant régulièrement le voir. Wema est né au rocher du lion peut après en même temps que Aissa le fille de kovu et kiara. The roaring rapids dragged me all the way to the Outlands, a place where animals were forbidden to go. One day during the dry season, Baba is confronted by Madoa, Jasiri, Wema and Tunu after their arrival from the edge of their territory. "We weren't! Upon arriving at the clan's hideaway, Kion sees Tunu and Wema playing with Jasiri's sister, Madoa.The two catch sight of Kion and hide, and refuse to emerge even after Kion comforts them. Kion blames the dry season for Janja's odd behavior, and the two groups depart, with Jasiri returning the cubs to their clan. Wema This is my adult version of her as the bravest member of Bidii's Guard. She is shown to be very vivacious, effervescent, frolicsome, sportive, and playful when interacting with her brother, Tunu. His tail is dark grey with a light pink fur underneath. When a pride of lions known as the Outsiders overtakes Wema and her clan's watering hole, Jasiri goes to her friend Kion for help. Fiona Hart, Actress: The Magic School Bus. When a pride of lions known as the Outsiders overtakes Tunu and his clan's watering hole, Jasiri goes to her friend Kion for help. Good The Lion Guard characters. She bears dark gray stripes along her back, and black ears and legs. Log In. Watch it on DisneyNow, Disney Junior and Disney Channel. They go back and the Lion Guard leader... angaxtai; desireofthesoul; chuluunxmakucha +22 more #12. Seeing enemies united as one encourages Kion to try the same thing with a certain hyena friend of his, but will his father accept her or Kion's friendship with hyenas. Not Now. The color of her underbelly matches the underside of her tail. The character is voiced by Fiona Hart. Aminifu; Ajabu; Baboon leader; Askari; Azaad; Anga; Astuto; The Lion Guard songs. Alignment Hakuna Matata; Here Comes the Lion Guard; We're the Same (Sisi Ni Sawa) My Own Way; Utamu (song) Hero Inside; A Trail to Hope; The Lion Guard scores. TV Show: The Lion Guard Franchise: Lion King. This light pink color is also present on his underbelly. Wema is present as Jasiri sings "Kwetu Ni Kwetu". His name means "Foolish Person" in Swahili language. 1 Background 1.1 Personality 2 Role in the series 2.1 Lions of the Outlands 2.1.1 Rescue in the Outlands 3 … Create New Account. Accessibility Help. She is a female spotted hyena cub, the sister of Tunu, and a member of Jasiri's clan. - Share your reason with the rest of the community. Tunu is a small hyena cub, with grey fur and dark grey markings on his back and forehead. The beginnings of a dark mane extends from her forehead to in-between her shoulder blades, and her tail is black with a pinkish-gray underside. The Lion Guard › Wema. Press alt + / to open this menu. Wema didn’t hate Ajali, in fact she thought he was a great friend, but he a Dafina would spend all the time together so Wema could never have a private conversation with her friend. Il veut prendre la place de Mufasa, son frère, sur le trône de la Terre des Lions. Mrs. Sickly - Ma (The Lion King 1½) Bonnie - Wema (The Lion Guard) Clyde - Tunu (The Lion Guard) Houdini - Tatiana (Timon and Pumbaa) Squeak - Monty (Timon and Pumbaa) Yin - Ogopa (The Lion Guard) Yang - Mjomba (The Lion Guard) Fibber - Timon (The Lion King) Nosey - Pumbaa (The Lion King) She was the first to be born, with her brother coming out second. As the clan gathers round, preventing any attempt at escape, Jasiri's sister Madoa resolves to get Kion's help. They make their debut in "Lions of the Outlands", and are members of Jasiri's Clan. Wema is a very shy hyena cub who is afraid of lions (both Outsiders and Pride Landers). I went with the lion guard and I shoudl have stayed there.

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