sewing patterns for quilting cotton


sewing patterns for quilting cotton

Lesson learned-choose the right pattern. Shop online or visit us in Tuam, Co. Galway. In fact there are LOTS of quilting cotton Archers on the web if you surf around. Here are two more patterns, this time from Fancy Tiger Crafts, that I’ve made myself from quilting cotton, and the results were A-OK. The end product, being it potholder or mini hot pads, are very affordable if you chose to use old t-shirts and towels as fillers, and scrap fabric for the outside. I like using quilting cottons, mostly as the patterns are the best! . I will gladly add your suggestions in any case. The Sprout pattern options sound really interesting! Such a cute dress! All three of which I would recommend for this type of fabric, especially the Belladonne! They look so amazing but are a bit of a splurge so i’ve yet to take the plunge! And a Sprout cut and sew! I’d love to try Aster! Oh, Thanks for the chance!, When I’ve done that in the past the lining stuck to my skirt, I’d recommend a more slippery, non-static lining like Ambiance Bemberg. This has changed my mind! I hope this helps! I’ve had my eye on Aster for a while now. This series of articles about fabrics is very informational, I’ve enjoyed them :). Real nice example! I made the cropped version with some quilting cotton and it turned out fine! Me loves your Aster! A rotary cutter and a cutting mat were originally made for cutting quilting cotton and this technique will make clean cutting lines and will save your joints. I have made Tessuti’s Demi Pant using Art Gallery cotton from, and they sewed up just as I expected. I have to admit im often inspired by Dolly Clackett’s predominantly quilting cotton self made wardrobe. Sew the cutest bags with your favorite fabric - quilting cotton! Simple details like darts and plackets will sew up nicely while fine details may be a bit tricky. Huge range of quality dressmaking fabrics. Find dresses sewing patterns for any occasion in our huge collection. For many of us, our first garment was made of quilting cotton. Thanks for the article and giveaway! Sorry for the delayed reply – I’m just back from my vacation (it was a long one this year). L to R: Turia dungarees, Safor skirt, Malvarosa dress. I’ve seen great versions of the Classic shirt on Facebook and I really love the little pintucks on the newer Recital shirt, although they might be better for lighter weight cottons. Upon immediate contact/touch-test I can gauge the feel and drape to my body. . ( Log Out /  You should choose your needle size based on the type and weight of thread that is being used as well as the fabric that is being sewn. Thanks for this series. Are the plaids already pattern matched. The extra basting stitches will help you gather up the extra fabric in your sleeve cap for easier set-in sleeves. Greetings from Hannover, Germany. Thanks! Another suggestion in the comments, it was Susan who mentioned that many of the 100 Acts of Sewing from Sonya Philips patterns are made to showcase fabrics like quilting cotton. The Kalle top/tunic/shirtdress also looks like a contender to me, with its fairly sturdy hemline. I’m still on the fence about using quilting cottons for apparel sewing…but I’m willing to give it another shot :) Thanksnfor the giveaway! I would love to sew the Aster as a Sprout pattern. But I did wonder about their use for clothing. She mentions a few patterns in it, and specifically the Miette skirt. I’d love to try sewing up something from Sprout patterns. Sewing Note: For thread weights, a smaller weight number indicates a heavier thread. Thoughts? I’ve listed these by company/brand, since, after a bit of internal debate, it seemed the most logical way. Does anyone know if Sprout prints to ensure pattern matching? I also remember you making a dress out of a black and white C&S print that I think I had the blue version of (that I used for the Beignet I think?). I have two 2m pieces of quilting cotton and keep feeling sad about how I could have gotten nice garment fabric for the price, but I am determined to use them as well as resisting buying any more. Another school of thought, meanwhile, fully embraces this kind of fabric for apparel - some of the bigger quilting fabric designers even produce sewing patterns designed to be used in tandem with the cotton. I have a bunch of QC and I need to use it! – a Colette Patterns Rooibos dress in that very same fabric from Cotton and Steel — one of my absolutely beloved garments, I’ve seen some beautiful shiorts made up in quilting cotton prints, so that’s definitely on my radar , Great minds think alike! Jennifer Lauren mentions quilting cottons as suitable fabrics for both her Hunter top and the Cressida skirt and I’m sure they would both look cute as that slight retro style matches up with the fabric perfectly. I can only imagine how hard a mitered corner would be with blue jean fabric. Cotton and Steel, as well as Tula Pink, make some of the softest and best draping cottons ever. After a few washes, the fabrics stiffness will lessen and will stand up to many a night lounging on the couch. I vote you cover crepe next as I have a huge amount given to me by someone in my stash! Your Aster looks lovely. Someone is going to be lucky! A 40wt. The weight of a thread is actually a length measurement. They definitely have a simplistic, almost naïve, design aesthetic, but that, in … Thanks for all the info. I would really love to win! Definitely do consider a lining for close-fitting skirts. Thank you, this is so informative! Also, how would a quilting cotton work for a negroni pattern? I really struggle to know what’s light/medium/heavy weight unless I have all three to look at (and feel!) And I was just about to launch into making my husband a new shirt using a quilting cotton that he found for himself in a quilting shop in Livingston, MT. Now I know I can use all the fun colors and patterns! I find it helps to remove any lingering soap and dye, and the fabric feels softer as a result. The Upton Dress has cotton listed as one of the recommended fabrics and I’ve seen a few versions on the web that look great. Would love to try the Aster pattern on spoon flower fabric., Day 4 Any tips for avoiding option paralysis when using sprout/spoonflower? Plus, the extra stiffness is so helpful when sewing! It isn’t particularly soft and has a stiffer drape. I’m a novice sewer and have read to never use quilting cotton for clothing, which was always a bummer since it’s so inexpensive and readily available! Thanks for the information. Colette was the first place I went to for patterns. I choose the higher quality Kona® Cotton Ultra for my Aster in order to have a lighter drape. I’ve had my eyr on the aster for a while, it looks versatile and cute/profesh depending on the fabric you choose and styling. I may even wax the cotton to add a little rugged-ness and waterproofing. Which is why it’s so popular with quilters and sewers alike. Super helpful and interesting. The Beignet is a lined skirt by design, so it works well. Thanks Brigitte! I love the variety of quilting cottons. I would love to sew an Aster in Spoonflower fabric – so many brilliant designs to choose from. Others that seem that they would work would be the Domininque skirt (straight version) as well as the Rosa shirtdress. Kona Cotton White K001-1387 - Fat Quarter by Robert Kaufman $1.99 $1.72 Made from 100% high-quality cotton, Misscrafts Cotton Quilting Fabric, 12x12-Inch ensure the best outcome. Then you'll love these animal print fabrics, inspired by creatures both big and small, wild and tame! All quilting cottons are not equal. My Demi Pant (sorry UK, that’s what they’re called!) In addition to the Deer and Doe patterns (Chardon, Belladonne, Datura) that I listed in response to a previous comment, I have also had success with Megan Nielsen’s Eucalypt and have bought the Brumby pattern to try. Asher looks good for breastfeeding too. Think about the garment you’re making and which end of the spectrum is going to work best. I’m not a big fan of how structured it can be on adult clothing, but it is perfect for little dresses and blouses… and the prints are always so darling! Thank you for this post, it is just what I was looking for! Thanks so much for your list! Had to say thank you so much, this is a great detailed list, I have so much quilting cotton I want to use for ME and my daughter, this blog post is a god send. I wash my fabric before cutting, also, and have been using a vinegar rinse for quite some time. There are some really nice examples of versions people have made on the net, so I recommend having a surf around if you’re intrigued. For my money, the sateen is the king (soft hand, images are crisp and hold up in the wash over and over again), and it’s 54″ wide which is a bonus if you’re just printing the yardage. I know they aren’t bottom weight but sometimes they are just so pretty I can’t resist! It’ll be a little more boxy, but if that’s your thing, what’s to stop you? It’s a common problem for us newbies and I have an impressive array to get through. Some great tips here that I hadn’t specifically thought about, but when I read the, I thought “of course, that is right/makes sense”!! Sort by Price, low to high Price, high to low Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Date, old to new Date, new to old Best Selling View Grid The ones I have made turned out just fine, but use your discretion. Perhaps this lends itself to the structural qualities of quilting cotton as most of their patterns are suitable for the fabric. They are great for children’s or teen clothes with the cutsie prints. Thanks so much for the notes. I love Sprout options and have been happy to save up enough to get one of your preprinted patterns – now with the discount code! The Lynn dress and Patsy skirt both mention the fabric and I’ve made the Sonya dress myself and think quilting cotton would work here too, as long as it’s fairly soft. They offer a Basic Cotton Ultra and Kona® Cotton Ultra quilting cotton. Oh, I’d love to win this! I have been thinking about Deer&Doe’s Chardon skirt for this too – the listed fabrics are lightweight twill, chambray, light denim, cotton sateen, etc, so a bit more body and better drape, but I think it might work. I like having the option to use them. What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the tip about hems! They’ve both had plenty of wear and it’s a lovely comfy pattern thanks to the clever half-elasticated, half flat waistband. I’ve just started weeding my stash of quilting cottons – mostly the fat quarters and smaller cuts, bought the same way you did, as a new quilter though. We have arranged an impressive array of designer and custom quilting fabric bundles in Fat Quarters and Half Yard Bundles. Ooh interesting, I’m curious about the Sprout pre-printed system. I was totally fascinated with the substrate series Colette did with Cotton + Steel. Oct 20, 2020 - Projects for sewing and quilting. That could be a great stash buster for those crazier patterns in your collection! I love Collette patterns and have a subscription to Seamwork. What this means is that once you wash the fabric, it will be the correct size for you to cut, sew, and wear! This is a fantastic resource. I love your Aster! I’ve also been curious about Sprout patterns for ages, but haven’t tried it out yet! Here you will find plenty of free tutorials put together by our crafty team of bloggers. Not only is it perfect for beginners, quilts (right?? At great value too! Since the article was published, there have been many more Seamwork patterns added to the roster and here are some that should work. You can always take things in and can do minor adjustments. We suggest pre-washing your fabric before cutting to ensure that all shrinkage is done before you start sewing your garment up. We’ve got a great collection of fabric profiles on our blog. I’m glad it’s helpful and thanks for the reminder to update it: I have quite a few patterns to add . Oh yes I’ve seen those patterns in one of my local fabric shops! Margot, who has used quilting cotton for a number of Deer & Doe makes above, also let us know she’s found the Megan Nielsen Eucalypt tank top and dress works well with quilting cotton and that she’s about to try the Brumby skirt, which does looks like a contender. so at least there’s some consistency. Spoonflower has worked really hard to address their printing troubles over the years; the fading isn’t as bad, the Ultra prints dark colors better, the crocking is minimal and the range of fabrics is impressive. Polyester thread is stronger than cotton and tends to come in more colors. According to many professionals, the most difficult part of quilting is sewing from the center outwards, because the thick fabric bulks up under the throat. This giveaway includes one digital Aster pattern and your very own cut-and-sew Aster in any Spoonflower design you’d like! Oops. This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more. A 1″-2″ double turned hem is great for a garment made in quilting cotton. I haven’t used sprout patterns yet but am getting ready to sew spoonflower fabric. It makes it really hard to buy online too, which is why I mostly tend to buy cotton from the same brands (Cotton + Steel, Art Gallery Fabrics, etc.) I like to wash quilting cottons at least two or three times before cutting and sewing, they can shrink quite a bit, and it can be helpful to relax all the fibers a bit before sewing curved areas. I’ll bite the bullet and find out! I’ve been wanting to try a sprout project for a while! I usually reserve quilting cottons for kids clothes and bags; however, I would love to give this aster a try! Change ). I love your patterns, but haven’t tried the Aster yet. Also, hemming quilting cotton is such a dream, it takes a press so well and your hem won’t shift around. I just bought it at the local fabric shop! Good quality (and there’s a lot of poor quality out there) stands up to many washes and is easy to work with. She’s a French designer living in Spain who designs lots of really cute feminine patterns with a slight retro feel and… she has quite a few that are suitable for quilting cotton. Yes, you can use quilting cotton as apparel fabric. I’ve seen garments made from Australian Tessuti Fabrics patterns now and again in my blog feed and they always look very polished. Thanks for the great information and i’d LOVE to win the drawing! I would love to try out the Aster pattern and I’ve never tried Sprout. Try draping the fabric on your body and swish about to see if you like how it hangs. Which one was the cotton Helmi – the stripey one? Owner/designer Taylor talks about using it in this interesting article. Quilting cotton is by far the most common and easily assessable fabric out there. You can use it for pockets in your jeans, a bias binding to finish a neckline, the possibilities are just about endless. In my book, quilting cotton is the very first indication that a garment is self made. Now it is all explained. I’m just not sure about the sleeves, but I think it could work? I really like quilting cotton for loose fitting t-shirts and skirts. I have been teaching myself to sew over the last year and have made some decent garments so far. I love this fabric series. Quilting cotton is generally used in more casual garments and fine seam finishes are not necessary. Takes just enough work out of each project to get to the fun part. However, I must first add a few notes: Alright, enough waffling – let’s take a look at what’s out there! More recently, we’ve seen the Natalie shirt, which has a simple boxy shape and the Adria crop top. And also good note about the thread weights, I learned something new! Chalk, transfer paper, and marking pens will all work well on quilting cotton. Spoonflower seems like a perfect new moms sewing reset button. I did not see in the post if this fabric has been washed/shrunk, please clarify. Unsophisticated is the term that comes to mind. That is a great dress. The material is upgraded for a finer texture and higher density. I’ve never seen sewing patterns printed on fabric before, I guess the future is already there without me noticing! It’s great that people are able to tell me they’ve had personal experience with certain patterns as it’s hard to tell sometimes from pics/descriptions and I don’t want anyone to waste precious fabric! But, as it happens, swarmofchickadees has had success with the Helmi blouse/tunicdress and she’s made many a lovely version! I love this article! Home décor is definitely an option, but there must be more I can do with cottons than make napkins for aunties, right? Four other patterns comprise the Terrace Dress, the Cinema Dress, the Late Lunch Tunic and the Everyday Skirt, the latter of which I’ve made twice now and both times with quilting cottons. Then using another Art Gallery cotton I made a McCalls boxy top with short cut-on sleeves. I’m a quilter, first and foremost, and I’ve never hesitated to use quilter’s cottons for apparel! Whenever possible, mark on the wrong side of the fabric to avoid affecting the printed side. I have a tendency to avoid quilting cotton for garments because of previous bad experiences. (You can see one of them here:, Thanks so much Kira! If you’ve been sewing (and consequently, hunting for fabric) for any time at all, you’ve probably come across the vast world of quilting cotton. Thanks for the tips! I made one before but didn’t staystitch the waist and after pfaffing about it had stretched out so maybe that is why I am still a little unsure of it. I know it’s a good idea, but sometimes I’m too lazy. Would love to try the aster patter. I hope this list gives you a few ideas for your own beautiful stack of quilting cotton garments and, as I said at the beginning, if you’ve had your own successes with the substrate or know of any other great patterns I’m missing, do let me know in the comments! Hey Nicole! This fabric works best when made into structured loose fitting garments. I can’t wait to make more. Hey Carlee! I did have a look at Named, but most patterns looked unsuitable, so it’s good to have at least one! Thanks for this list! She's all about encouraging sewers to try new techniques and create a personalized wardrobe that makes them feel great! in front of me. Ha – well, you were smarter than me if you went right into the poplins and rayons. Just be aware it will have more body than, say, a rayon/viscose or lawn skirt. COLETTELOVE on the Sprout site! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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