famous hispanic journalists


famous hispanic journalists

Every community in the U.S. has a unique perspective and relationship with the news. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The history of Latin America is packed full of influential people: dictators and statesmen, rebels and reformers, artists and entertainers. I did a lot of reporting on gender, the environment and race. Hispanics are reshaping sports in America. The National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) is dedicated to the recognition and professional advancement of Hispanics in the news industry. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Get list of ABC News authors, bloggers and journalists. It’s a tired old joke that Spain is the home of macho Iberico. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. This Hispanic Heritage Month, Global Citizen is celebrating some of the most influential Latinas of our time — from civil rights activists to astronauts to journalists. The stakes are high. Well, that's all I've got. Pertinaciously, there are other famous hispanic doctors latin america.I famous hispanic doctors snicks, but I should … He routinely is listed as one of the most influential Latinos not just in media, but in U.S. as a whole. These stories are as rich and diverse as the community itself. She is a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. El Gabfest connects journalists from all over the Hispanic world, including Mexico, the U.S., Chile, and Spain to discuss political news in the United States and throughout Latin America. I told stories of women affected by the Zika virus. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Her documentary series The Alzheimer’s Project earned rave reviews and she later founded the nonprofit organization, 'The Women's Alzheimer's Movement'. La charla hoy en @Univision34LA pic.twitter.com/yElYofcd2K, — León Krauze (@LeonKrauze) June 29, 2018. Maria Elena Salinas is currently the host of The Real Story with Maria Elena Salinas on Investigation Discovery. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Find out more at. Dec 12, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by Miriam Courtney. Famous Hispanic Americans of … Forget The Beatles, in the betting world there’s only one Fab Four and that’s the guys we’re about to talk about. Established in April 1984, NAHJ created a national voice and unified vision for all Hispanic journalists. In March 2012 the faculty at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at New York University, together with an Honorary Committee of alumni, selected “the 100 Outstanding Journalists in the United States in the Last 100 Years.” She was known for her exclusive stories with Ahmad Chalabi in the run-up to the Iraq War, and for her breaking news stories. Political and breaking news are not the only arenas where Hispanic journalists have found their voices and excelled. It matters to speak up and say, ‘This thing is not true. The nation's largest Hispanic journalist group is rescinding Fox News' sponsorship of its upcoming annual conference in Texas and returning nearly $17,000 to the network in … Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Posted by: kstewart Affiliate Chapter Application Deadline. 1. This list may not reflect recent changes . your own Pins on Pinterest Find links to their bio, social media links and stories. Biography project on famous Hispanic Americans By: mschryver Personal Views: 679 Useful: 0 Options; Open Famous Hispanic Figures Famous Hispanic historical and present day biographies By: Connie Fowler Personal Views: 390 Useful: 0 Options; Open Inventors Inventors for Mrs. Dunn's Class By: bjornsc Education Views: 841 Useful: 1 Options; Open Inventors First Grade research … Famous Hispanic and Latin American Personalities. Let me know in the comments or tweet them at @vato. More this Sunday @NPRWeekend pic.twitter.com/KFbxYqAhEL, — Lulu Garcia-Navarro (@lourdesgnavarro) August 8, 2018. This is a list of notable Hispanic and Latino Americans: citizens or residents of the United States with origins in Hispanic America or Spain. Arguably one of the most famous filmmakers in America in addition to one of the most famous Hispanic immigrants, Guillermo Del Toro’s love for cinematic creation started long before he ever stepped foot in the United States. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, 839 … Geraldo Rivera. My criteria for compiling this list were that the person had to have made an important difference in his or her world, and had to have international importance. In 1987, Representative Esteban Torres pushed for a … Mario Vargas Llosa (writer): A true heavyweight and arguably the most famous Peruvian on the world stage, Arequipa-born Vargas Llosa is a hugely influential writer, journalist, ... including the U.S. Hispanic demographic. Our passion and heritage provide for fantastic literary universes once and again recognized worldwide. The American Society of Hispanic Economists (ASHE) is a professional association of economists who are concerned with the under-representation of Hispanic Americans in the economics profession at a time when Hispanics represent over 16 percent of the United States ‘ population. I spent weeks in the Amazon reporting on the crisis of deforestation.  Do you know of others? (He provided this fascinating bilingual tour behind the scenes of NBC Nightly News.) Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Born on 18 November 1970, she is 46 years of age but hasn’t shown any sign of aging till now. Natalie Morales has become a fixture on NBC. Sacco’s most famous work, ... this is not a talent reserved only for Americans. There was just one problem with the list, voted for by 21,000 Spaniards. Christy Haubegger. Phone: (301) 405-0248. In addition, he is an Emmy and Peabody winner. But at Univision it’s different. Judith Miller: One of the most famous journalists of our time is Judith Miller. Well before that, Ramos was an institution in Spanish-language journalism. Most of them received several awards for their contribution to Literation. As she said in a March 2018 interview with Women’s Media Center, “When journalists feel really comfortable in their skin, and their workplaces encourage them to get in touch with their own journalistic passions — and we are not easy about the news; this is a tough group — they know they’ve as much right as anyone else to pitch a story.”, Me and @mikiebarb from The Daily sharing a hug among colleagues @nytimes pic.twitter.com/ynPdXKNPby, — Maria Hinojosa (@Maria_Hinojosa) August 22, 2018. Madalyn Mendoza, San Antonio Express-News. Acevedo has been involved in several viral news moments of his own, including translating for a Guatemalan immigrant who asked about the deportation of her husband and the separation of families during the 2016 Univision Democratic debate, tracking down a controversial painting at Trump National Doral Miami, and recently falling into a debate over the origins of tacos. She was known for her exclusive stories with Ahmad Chalabi in the run-up to the Iraq War, and for her breaking news stories.  Anchor Leon Krauze broadcasted in Spanish for Univision while writing English-language essays as a soccer correspondent for The New Republic. She currently is a correspondent on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel and host of Matter of Fact, a syndicated political show, in addition to having founded her own production company, Starfish Media Group. In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month (through October 15, 2014), the UMHS Endeavour brings you a look at Latino doctors, scientists and educators that made a difference. Some have inspired corridos (ballads) and murals, others rally cries, and still others entire movements. I add all of the recommended Twitter handles to a private Twitter List that I build and monitor throughout the year in Tweetdeck. 45th President of the United States. Like most media events in digital times this list of top latino talent begins on Twitter. Friends, fans, family, and especially colleagues of excellent Latinos in media recommend them to @vato, me. Women in journalism are individuals who participate in journalism.As journalism became a profession, women were restricted by custom from access to journalism occupations, and faced significant discrimination within the profession.Nevertheless, women operated as editors, reporters, sports analysts and journalists even before the 1890s. Confía en la instalación plena de casillas y descartó por completo cualquier posibilidad de un fraude electoral. Broke completely new ground for female journalists working in Spain. Atlas » Learn more about the world with our collection of regional and country maps. The following groups are officially designated as "Spanish/Hispanic/Latino": Mexican American, (Stateside) Puerto Rican, Cuban American, Dominican American, Costa Rican American, Guatemalan American, Honduran American, … Why It Matters: Salazar was one of the great Mexican-American journalists of his time, who covered local politics with the same vigor as he covered foreign wars. Naibe Reynoso. Ramos has been criticized by other journalists for what they see as his activism on immigration, but he said in a 2015 New Yorker profile: “You wouldn’t expect ABC, or any of the mainstream networks, to take a position on immigration, health care, anything. As political events increasingly have highlighted stories of immigration and deportation, Hispanic people have been the focus of a great deal of news coverage. She is a Washington insider with contacts in high places. Hispanic Heritage Month grew out of National Hispanic Heritage Week, which President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law in 1968. 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Commenting on her Emmy nomination, Amhara posted to social media, “Honored to receive an Emmy nomination from the Chicago chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for my series titled, “A Place in Wisconsin’s History for Latinos.” Worked collaboratively … We are pro-immigrant. Jorge Ramos came to the attention of English-speaking Americans during the contentious 2016 presidential race when he confronted Donald Trump on the then-candidate’s anti-immigration rhetoric. She hosted NBC’s Weekend Today before becoming co-anchor of the CNN morning show American Morning. Our primary goals include: • Promoting the vitality of Hispanics in the economics profession … With Hispanic Heritage Month upon us, SI is honoring the 30 most influential Latinos in sports who aren’t athletes: the coaches, journalists… The words we choose and how we choose to use them can ; Wed May 01 NAHJ Board Meeting Comes to Order at 9:10am Friday, December 7, 2012 Conference ; Mon Apr 29 Dear NAHJ Nation, As an association, we advocate for the fair and accurate … See also. Gabriel García Márquez acclaimed for his non-fiction works and short stories received Nobel Prize in Literature. We made it easy for you to exercise your right to vote! Several readers recommended top media talent with names like O'Keefe, McSwain, Ailsworth and Wilson. ( Log Out /  Despite this, journalists who showcase outstanding work and are considered as highly influential risk-takers in today’s media still exist. Fox News Channel sent reporter Bryan Llenas to broadcast Team USA's every move for America's #1 cable news network in English. Edgar Alvarez, a senior editor with Engadget, has provided thoughtful coverage of the Internet and politics and technology and society, alongside plenty of consumer electronics reviews for the popular technology site. Here are five ways to celebrate the contributions to American life people of Hispanic origin have made in our 243-year history. The National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) is dedicated to the recognition and professional advancement of Hispanics in the news industry. On April 8, 1993, Ellen Ochoa became the first Hispanic woman in the world to go into space. update: still living my best life in pic.twitter.com/CuhaGDpArd, — Edgar Alvarez (@abcdedgar) August 5, 2018. The founding of St. Augustine city in Florida marked the beginning of Hispanic and Latino settlements in America. Thu May 02 The National Association of Hispanic Journalists is proud and grateful for The Denver Post’s ; Thu May 02 Language matters. He also hosts the rollicking Slate podcast El Gabfest en Español (and its mini English-language companion). Miguel Almaguer. A multi-faceted personality, Che Guevara was primarily known as the Argentine Marxist revolutionary; he was also known by the name, El Che. Raul Peimbert. Latin America is often overlooked, and I’ve always wanted to show the complexity and richness of the culture.”, I made a #creampuff! Fun taping an episode of #BeatBobbyFlay with the hilarious @RichardBlais and of course The One And Only @bflay! Beyond the usual awards, promotions, and standout work that shares quickly throughout Latinos Twitter, this year I specifically sought to elevate Latinos for two reasons:Â. The World Cup was no doubt a huge career catalyst for a millennial generation of Latino media talent. Yamiche Alcindor is an American journalist who is the White House correspondent for the PBS NewsHour and a political contributor to NBC News and MSNBC.She has previously worked as a reporter for USA Today and The New York Times.Alcindor writes mainly about politics and social issues.In 2016, she was nominated for a Shorty Award in the Journalist category. In addition to all this, he holds the Wallis Annenberg Chair in Journalism at the USC Annenberg’s School of Journalism. From chefs and political stars to entertainers, athletes and personalities bigger than the North Star Mall boots, here’s a look at 25 influential Latinos in San Antonio, in no particular order. Un gusto conversar para @UniNoticias con @lorenzocordovav . Hispanic Doctors Making History .

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