curly girl method for beginners


curly girl method for beginners

Apply a good amount of conditioner after completely wetting hair through. If you are reading this post, you’ve probably fallen into the Curly Girl online abyss and have been inspired by countless curlies around the world to finally embrace your naturally curly or wavy hair. I do not recommend this because if your conditioner contains protein it can damage your hair. Intro to the Curly Girl/Guy method. As you apply if you notice any rough spots, add a bit more leave-in conditioner and massage it into your hair. Keep in mind that it does take experimentation and consistency to see significant results so don’t get discouraged. Scrunch your curls towards your scalp a tiny bit to remove some of the water, Use as much gel as needed (a handful would work) and scrunch your curls tightly, Once you’re done, grab your microfiber towel and wrap around your hair. Water and conditioner should be added continuously to achieve the best results. This is the trickiest part. Silk helps hold in moisture and cause little friction which can lead to breakage and frizz. I was excited to get started and found multiple curlies that shared beautiful curl transformations that I could learn from. To be honest, there's so much advice and so many steps that I'm finding it a touch overwhelming. International (non-USA) product list The Beginner’s Guide to the Curly Girl Method May 14, 2019 No Comments If you’ve been following me for all of 2.5 seconds, you know I’m all about embracing all that is you! Does It Really Make A Difference? After scrolling through dozens of articles, youtube videos, and Instagram accounts, I became a little confused about how to get started. Drying curly hair is completely different than traditional hair drying methods. It includes these rules-Stop brushing curly hair dry; Comb only after applying conditioner inside the shower; Comb only after applying leave in conditioner outside the shower There are many different techniques to detangle but my favorite way to detangle is by doing a pre-poo. The curly girl method, also known as the cg method, works with all different hair types. $10), How To Keep Track Of Your Curly Girl Journey And See Epic Results, How I Beat The Transitioning Stage On The Curly Girl Method, How To Choose The Right Curly Hair Products. You need to find the right balance for you. I would recommend a pineapple or a zzband (not sure if just pulling it back is ok. could not get cheat sheet, clicked on link and got sent to “convertkit”, try it here, I haven’t been able to get the cheat sheet, Try this link:, Hey friends! Curly Girl Method enthusiast and educator. Crunchy curls are typically caused by how you apply the gel rather than what gel you are using. Always sleep on a silk pillowcase or with a silk bonnet. I’ve been putting it in a messy bun with a bauble and pinning down the unrulies with bobby pins, and letting it down as soon as I’m home. P.SGet your FREE Curly Girl Method cheat sheet here! If not, you’ll experience a lot of frizz, Gently begin to crunch each curl with your hands. It’s important to experiment and find out what your specific needs are. It is more S waves than actual curls. De methode is bedacht door Lorraine Massey en zij heeft er zelfs een boek over geschreven: Curly Girl: The Handbook. These are my favorite products and tools to detangle: After you’ve properly detangled your curls, the next step in the curly girl process is to cleanse them. Diffuse in the opposite direction of your natural parting. How your style your curls will determine weather your curls last 1 day or 5 days. Each of these is just as important as the last. This Curly Girl Method Beginners Guide contains 4 essential steps: Step 1 Wash. Conditioning: Designed to moisturize your hair and keep it hydrated to create beautiful curls. Style. Since shampoos are harsh on your hair and can damage your curl pattern, a co-wash is a gentle way to give your hair that clean feeling without damaging it. If you're trying to figure out how to start the curly girl method, the abundance of products, gadgets, information, and things to consider can make it difficult to know exactly what you really need, aside from feeling overwhelming. Starting the Curly Girl Method can feel quite overwhelming, and this is the reason why I decided to put together a beginners guide to the Curly Girl Method. How To Start The Curly Girl Method | Beginner’s Guide. These are two of my favorite leave-in conditioners. Hands down my two favorite gels to get started with are: I use and recommend using both of these. I first stumbled on the curly girl method on Instagram, and it gave me hope that I could have healthy curls again. And it did just that for me! This video, Easy Curly Girl Method for Beginners, is a revamp of one of my first videos. This helps to clean your scalp and restore oils and doesn’t disrupt your curl pattern. Though the internet can make the curly girl method seem complicated and overwhelming, if you peel back the layers it’s quite simple. These are two of my favorite clarifying shampoo’s: The next step in your curly girl journey is to learn how to properly detangle your curls. Transitioning to your natural hair and learning the curly girl method can be over whelming, so I wanted to break it down step-by-step. A combination of the above three. Read below‼, Since the shutdown I’ve been feeling a little an, Hey curly friends! Preserving . This simple cheat sheet will help break down the process of caring for and styling curly hair. After you are done styling, let your wet curls dry naturally. The last step in the curly girl method is preserving your curls overnight.

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