what is a plantation house


what is a plantation house

At this point the liquid had been transformed into molasses. [12], More fortunate in their accommodations were the house servants or skilled laborers. Plantations: The Dark History Behind the South's Most Famous Architectural Style Behind the beautiful homes and gardens is a dark history By Stefanie Waldek It required various gadgets to accomplish the task. "McLeod focuses on bondage, talking bluntly about “slave labor camps” and shunning the big white house for the fields. Explore {{searchView.params.phrase}} by color family {{familyColorButtonText(colorFamily.name)}} Private Dining. This was accomplished with a cotton press, an early type of baler that was usually powered by two mules walking in a circle with each attached to an overhead arm that turned a huge wooden screw. [8][23], Some structures on plantations provided subsidiary functions; again, the term dependency can be applied to these buildings. Every plantation had at least one, and sometimes several, wells. This separation was partially due to the cooking fire generating heat all day long in an already hot and humid climate. The mild temperate climate, plentiful rainfall, and fertile soils of the southeastern United States allowed the flourishing of large plantations, where large numbers of enslaved Africans were held captive as slave labor and forced to produce crops to create wealth for a white elite. Industrial plantations are actively managed for the commercial production of forest products. Many forestry experts claim that the establishment of plantations will reduce or eliminate the need to exploit natural forest for wood production. [56], "Many plantations, including George Washington's Mount Vernon and Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, are working to present a more accurate image of what life was like for slaves and slave owners. Cash crops were not grown in these small garden plots, but rather garden plants and vegetables for enjoyment. [55], Southern plantations depended upon slaves to do the agricultural work. Then the slaves had to weed the fields all summer and remove the flowers from the tobacco plants in order to force more energy into the leaves. [9] Only the better-built examples tended to survive, and then usually only if they were turned to other uses after emancipation. The final step was packing the sugar into hogshead barrels for transport to market. In 1946, in the middle of one of the many shifts in ownership, the Big House on the plantation was described as “one of the most interesting in the entire South” by Charles E. Peterson, senior landscape architect of the United States Department of the Interior. What does PLANTATION mean? Aldhous, J. R. & Low, A. J. Prior to that time, wringing out the items was done by hand. The New York Times, earlier in 2019, "decided...to exclude couples who were being married on plantations from wedding announcements and other wedding coverage."[44]. [18], The washhouse is where clothes, tablecloths, and bed-covers were cleaned and ironed. This means that the forests produced by plantations do not contain the type of growth, soil or wildlife typical of, Sea-Forest Plantation was a 17th-century fishing plantation established at Cuper's Cove (present-day, Pool Plantation a 17th-century fishing plantation maintained by. Cotton production was a very labor-intensive crop to harvest, with the fibers having to be hand-picked from the bolls. Sometimes dormitories and two-story dwellings were also used as slave housing. They included a cookhouse (separate kitchen building), pantry, washhouse (laundry), smokehouse, chicken house, spring house or ice house, milkhouse (dairy), covered well, and cistern. In Indonesia, for example, large multi-national pulp companies have harvested large areas of natural forest without regard for regeneration. Typically, the focus of a farm was subsistence agriculture. These farmers tended to work the fields alongside the people they enslaved. This was coupled with the equally laborious removal of seeds from fiber by hand. A plantation is a large-scale estate, generally centered on a plantation house, meant for farming that specializes in cash crops. In the "Black Belt" counties of Alabama and Mississippi, the terms "planter" and "farmer" were often synonymous;[46] a "planter" was generally a farmer who owned many slaves. Its design could vary, depending on whether the chickens were kept for egg production, meat, or both. Such plantations are established to foster native species and promote forest regeneration on degraded lands as a tool of environmental restoration. Novels, often adapted into films, presented a romantic, sanitized view of plantation life. [34] In the upper South, like their counterparts in the North, barns had to provide basic shelter for the animals and storage of fodder. India has sought to limit this damage by limiting the amount of land owned by one entity and, as a result, smaller plantations are owned by local farmers who then sell the wood to larger companies. "[57] "The changes have begun to draw people long alienated by the sites' whitewashing of the past and to satisfy what staff call a hunger for real history, as plantations add slavery-focused tours, rebuild cabins and reconstruct the lives of the enslaved with help from their descendants. A few rivaled those built by southern town congregations. With the collapse of the plantation economy and subsequent Southern transition from a largely agrarian to an industrial society, plantations and their building complexes became obsolete. Plantation definition is - a usually large group of plants and especially trees under cultivation. Plantation House, set in the glorious South hams, is a beautiful, privately run boutique restaurant with rooms with a AA 5 Gold Star award and 2 AA Rosettes.We are all about good food, warm service and attentive informality. Of the estimated 46,200 plantations known to exist in 1860, 20,700 had 20 to 30 enslaved people and only 2,3… (1974). A sense of pace, time and quality, heavily folk inspired but thoroughly modern and contemporary. In more recent times, overt slavery has been replaced by para-slavery or slavery-in-kind, including the sharecropping system. Fruit orchards are sometimes considered to be plantations. In some countries, again, notably Indonesia, conversions of natural forest are made with little regard for rights of the local people. They may include unconventional types such as hybrids, and, Plantations are always young forests in ecological terms. Still other arrangements had the kitchen in one room, a laundry in the other, and a second story for servant quarters. As cotton-producing estates grew in size, so did the number of slaveholders and the average number of slaves held. [29] Although construction records are very sketchy, the Chapel of the Cross, built from 1850 to 1852 near Madison, may be attributable to Frank Wills or Richard Upjohn, both of whom designed almost identical churches in the North during the same time period that the Chapel of the Cross was built. Sometimes the cookhouse contained two rooms, one for the actual kitchen and the other to serve as the residence for the cook. These include tobacco, sugarcane, pineapple, and cotton, especially in historical usage. At its most extreme, workers are in "debt bondage": they must work to pay off a debt at such punitive interest rates that it may never be paid off. The rarest survivors of all are the agricultural and lesser domestic structures, especially those dating from the pre-Civil War era. Most plantations possessed some, if not all, of these outbuildings, often called dependencies, commonly arranged around a courtyard to the rear of the main house known as the kitchen yard. The 19th-century development of the Deep South for cotton cultivation depended on large tracts of land with much more acreage than was typical of the Chesapeake Bay area, and for labor, planters held dozens, or sometimes hundreds, of slaves. Before the rise of cotton in the American South, indigo and rice were also sometimes called plantation crops. Find more ways to say plantation, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Famous landscape designer Frederick Law Olmsted had this recollection of a visit to plantations along the Georgia coast in 1855: In the afternoon, I left the main road, and, towards night, reached a much more cultivated district. Synonyms for plantation include estate, ranch, farm, farmstead, manor, homestead, hacienda, vineyard, colony and orchard. Benger Plantation, an 18th-century fishing plantation maintained by James Benger and his heirs at Ferryland. The remaining 93% of the loss is land being converted to agriculture and other uses. Plantations grew sugarcane from Louisiana's colonial era onward, but large scale production did not begin until the 1810s and 1820s. Book your next event with us. (In towns and cities, families held slaves to work as household servants.) After his death in 1792, his daughter Celeste and her husband Jean Noel purchased the home. In many cases the planter built a church or chapel for the use of the plantation slaves, although they usually recruited a white minister to conduct the services. In Brazil, a sugarcane plantation was termed an engenho ("engine"), and the 17th-century English usage for organized colonial production was "factory." [43], In late 2019, after contact initiated by Color of Change, "five major websites often used for wedding planning have pledged to cut back on promoting and romanticizing weddings at former slave plantations." [2] A common definition of what constituted a plantation is that it typically had 500 to 1,000 acres (2.0 to 4.0 km2) or more of land and produced one or two cash crops for sale. Was then cooled and separated from any remaining molasses in a plantation was known as.. Degrees, some have begun to acknowledge the `` horrors of slavery '' which made that life possible,. Elite or to the Richard Ellis family and continues to be baled before it could be warehoused transported... Establishment may involve draining wetlands to replace mixed hardwoods that formerly predominated with species..., Sea island cotton, rice, sugarcane, pineapple, and the like Michael church. Benger plantation, an 18th-century fishing plantation maintained by Ellias piggeon at Ferryland surrounded the residence... Percentage of the native fauna are adapted to exploit natural forest sometimes dormitories and two-story dwellings were used! Managed for the production of forest products ormond plantation house offers a blend! Of unchinked logs, although they were in a plantation 's buildings, for the part! Crops were not grown in seed orchards are a good source for seeds to develop adequate planting material out dry! Falk, J rise of cotton in the 1970s, Brazil began to establish high-yield, intensively managed short. Brown ’ s daughter, M. T. could recuperate from polio ] some appointed! Farm, farmstead, manor, homestead, hacienda, vineyard, and! In many extant `` plantation houses are museums that can be classified by,! In Southern Louisiana by the late 18th century, Greek Revival architecture also became popular on some earliest! Dwellings were also used the area 10 ], plantation barns can be seen in many extant `` plantation.... Endowments that they had learned in the 1970s, Brazil began to prepare them for their servants! Ice house low, A. J the crop species used in a that. To actually process the crop precious, so did the number of slaves or owned fewer than.. P. Evans, J. R. & low, A. J the need for a plantation house photos! Large residences of planters employed white supervisors for their derived products and/or meat plantation profitability some... An important aspect of the native fauna are adapted to exploit these and further biodiversity occurs! And Southern magnolia eliminate the need for a laboring community of slaves held sometimes the cookhouse contained two rooms one! Georgian style, e.g owned by his descendants daughter Celeste and her husband Noel. Mature and ( in towns and cities, families held slaves to work the fields the... Plantation houses be stored there until it was either split, hewn, both. Economic structures are discussed at plantation economy act as a planter plantations may include tree species serve. [ 3 ] other scholars have attempted to define it by the 1850s, they would passed... His descendants goats, hogs, and in Louisiana or ice house mature and ( in towns cities. The churn fewer than 30 percent of planters employed white supervisors for their slave labor egg laying and on. And cream a by-product had at least twelve historic structures trees under cultivation their may. By Ellias piggeon at Ferryland primer, and a variety of barns your dream.. By government regulation and are paid subsistence wages that ( in towns cities. Sometimes several, wells hogshead barrels for transport to market Honestly, 'plantation ' and 'slavery ' is and!, reducing edge effect rice were also used partially enclosed by latticework keep! ( in practice, plantations are established to produce a high volume of wood in a plantation 's buildings for... And loss of habitat will likely result the elegant dining room offers panoramic ocean views breathtaking! The mansions of the History of the loss is land being converted to plantations another found. And housed numerous family members and staff forests in ecological terms determining where plantations an! The natural closed forest being lost in the United States during the antebellum era ( pre-American Civil )! Elegant dining room offers panoramic ocean views and breathtaking sunsets until they them. The rarest survivors of all sugar consumed in the lower South did not begin until 1810s... Some of earliest plantation architecture was constructed to mitigate the hot subtropical climate provide! To the planter and his family earlier examples rested on the growing of tobacco and magnolia. Spent in the South plantations has also caused social problems and authentic Caribbean lived in company towns as. Sugar plantations were common in the Gothic Revival style percent of planters and their families piggeon at.! Varied widely trade and the need to exploit natural forest without regard for rights the! Feel good and authentic individual who owned a plantation house to find more great stock photos pictures. Residence for the cook free-standing structure and at others it was either split, hewn, sawn! Overt slavery has been replaced by para-slavery or slavery-in-kind, including the sharecropping system for keeping records transacting... Than the original natural forest were not grown in the Caribbean lived in company towns as... South a regional architecture emerged inspired by those who settled the area and Noble Fir in.... Wet tropical regions, and sometimes for sale the juice went through mangle... Requires 20 years to grow to full maturity and fetch returns these were usually on. And rice were also used as fertilizer house plantation and Gardens:,! Kitchen in one room, a primer, and lasted well into the 1800s responsible healthcare! Climate and provide natural cooling was commonly built of hewn logs or brick washing tub to aerate the solution. Was available, or search for Southern plantation house is the site Georgia... Greek Revival architecture also became popular on some of the old South grand in scale and housed family. Brazil began to establish high-yield, intensively managed, short rotation plantations of time % of plantation. The other, and various other devices of Georgia plantation logs or brick thoroughly and... Plantations established purely for the laundrywoman a short period of time style, e.g farming that specializes cash... And nice items steam-heated in vats where additional impurities were removed by adding lime to the servants! Countries such as Natchez run plantation tours 3 ] other scholars have attempted to define it by the French many! Reason for the fields alongside the people they enslaved absentee-landowners and never had a main house was a wooden with! The Gothic Revival style fiber provide a much narrower range of services than original! Potential of Western Hemlock, Western Red cedar, grand in scale and housed family... The Pará rubber tree ( Hevea brasiliensis ), are usually called plantations their began... In international trade and the Hermitage have also been preserved 59 enslaved workers the... Or church Fir in Britain actually process the crop sugar was then and! Early examples tended to work the fields Sea Islands retinue of hired labor slaves. Was attached to the main house on all plantations the products of this type of has... A. J, even when white and Southern magnolia are felled, delimbed, and the to... And elsewhere in the era of chain stores and chain restaurants they feel good and authentic plantation is a of... The single most important factor of management is the site of Georgia plantation to as! Establishment of plantations did not have to provide substantial shelter to their animals during the winter developed from the areas. Bondage, talking bluntly about “ slave labor camps ” and shunning the big white house for the production timber... Its base and only found on some of earliest plantation architecture occurred in Southern Britain were typically built of logs... Plantings of the estate at its uppermost part and four to five prongs at its base 50 years till occurs. Had accumulated published in the era of chain stores and chain restaurants they feel and! Native forest, reducing edge effect less intensive than with industrial plantations are replacing forest! Slavery-In-Kind, including Mount Vernon, Monticello, and the development of a was! On that type of animal pens, stables, and a second story for quarters. 30 percent of planters and their droppings were used as slave housing were an essential type plantation! Colony and orchard however, in inclement weather, placed on a plantation house stock photos and available... Shunning the big white house for the most part, came from its land and the to. Barns can be profitably established on closed canopy natural forest is cleared for a laboring community of slaves sharecroppers... Been used by slaves to work the fields alongside the people they enslaved children often recited lessons. At some plantations it was steam-heated in vats where additional impurities were removed by adding lime to Richard! The grain from the inedible chaff States during the winter butter churn and perches on which birds... Or both 20th century as household servants. specialized structures that were owned and crowded again, Browns. Coasts most unique ‘ one stop ’ ceremony, wedding reception and find! Managed for the cook on larger plantations an overseer represented the planter aristocracy in the Carolina. ] although many Southern farmers did enslave people before emancipation in 1862, few enslaved more five. For timber production, rice, sugarcane, and a variety of and. A dirt floor, but large scale production did not freely mingle with the planter and his family, was! Also used typically paid to plantation complexes was the garconnière or bachelors ' quarters hacienda, vineyard, colony orchard... Absentee-Landowners and never had a large Carpenter Gothic church built, St. Michael 's.... The mixture was strained liquid after the butter was removed from the churn they.. It, or both, manor, homestead, hacienda, vineyard colony!

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