bdo horse skill learning chance


bdo horse skill learning chance

The premium horse appearance change coupon has a chance to teach your horse a skill even at level 30, that's the only way it'll learn more. For some strange reason though, I took that as a challenge. Let’s say I have four T1 horses on a wagon. See how things can change when you have a sample size that is bigger than 1? In fact, almost all of the things I do with horse training are things that I thought of myself. If I’m running horses overnight (let’s say you’re getting a healthy 9 hours of sleep), that’s 5 hours of wasted time per night (since the value is coming from the seals, having horses past level 15 doesn’t increase the value much). Over the course of a couple months of running horses overnight, logging hundreds of entries in a spreadsheet, and constant adjustment, I finally perfected my craft. The coupon applies to Horses, Dream Horses, Mini Elephants, and Camels only. As for the Tier (3?) You can save and load navigation routes from the World Map (M). However, if you are seriously into horses, you should be aware of the capabilities breeding has. I’m not someone to give advice that I don’t personally follow, so here’s some data from my own spreadsheet (updated automatically as I add more data). does life exp affect actual horse exp? The horse can learn any of the skills that a normal horse can learn (except Two Seater skill), as well as special dream horse skills. Try changing the Tier of both parents to 8, but leave the levels the same. Two Tier 1 horses (T1A, T1B). For detailed stats and info on Dream Horses, please visit our Dream Horse Guide. It increases the chance of learning a skill as the horse lvls. If you’re someone who does taming for Training xp, this can make it a bit more of a worthwhile activity. This means you cannot see or feel a difference in your horse speed until you go past a certain number. It also increases mount exp by a small amount. Given this hypothetical situation, these are your chances for various Tiers of horse if you decide to breed. After x amount of time (1 “tick”), your horse will gain y amount of xp. You can also loop on the path out of north calpheon (although it’s not safe), or on the road north of epheria. So there was enough demand. Cooldown: 3 minutes T9 Diné Dream Horse only skill. This is good because regular horses can sometimes struggle to get even one skill per level. Fact is, t4-t5-t6 horses learn skills without issues, regardless of the skills. Just because he got 1.6m from 1 hour of taming does not mean that he will always get 1.6million/hour in the future. Two engrave your horse, we have it on JP server not sure if you do on na/ eu. Most people consider horse training to be an awful way to make money. Click on the desired Mount and the Mount’s stats will appear on the right side you will see a new option, Manage Skill: How many skills can a horse learn BDO? Training is a very time consuming skill to train, which makes it a fairly inefficient way to play. Taming is hands down the best xp rate for leveling Training, but there’s also other motives than xp when it comes to catching horses. All stats in a certain bracket feel the same. In reality, I haven’t yet done personal tests on a low level account to find the truth to this matter. If you increase the female parent’s level by 1, the box will move down by 1. Most people would sell the low Tier horses (t1-3 or maybe t1-2 depending on the person) to the npc for half the market price (this is done in order to free up space in your stable). Notice, if I change the father’s level to 27 (instead of 30), it’s still in the highest Tier. Two Tier 2 horses (T2A, T2B). A lot of people consider horse breeding to simply be a method of grinding out a Tier 8 horse. There are only one each from Tiers 4 and 5 (T4F, T5J). First, find a cook NPC, and from their shop buy raw sugar and mineral water. Training boosts the amount you obtain from selling at the Horse …, Great read. If Viper Crystals are at a high price when you’re doing this, you could be profiting around 19m/night (I was when I was doing this). Well, let’s say the third night I try to do the same thing but with 4 Tier 3 horses. Tiers 1-5 you can catch in the wild, Tiers 6-8 you have to breed for, and Tier 9 needs to be “Awakened”. It’s important to realize that not every level will give you a higher chance for a higher Tier foal. The Training life skill improves the speed at which horses master the skills they know. he is located in Calpheon (not at Stonetail Horse Ranch). If your horse meets the requirements and becomes a Courser, its silver horse icon (as shown to the left) will turn gold. If you are talking to someone in discord and they say “I just bred a T8C”, you can immediately visualize the horse and know exactly what they’re talking about. Tier 9 horses are fundamentally different from other horses, because they are the only Tier that cannot be bred (and they also can’t breed). Regardless, find what works for you, and find what is enjoyable for you. You could do this you first day playing the game no problemo. This means that using sugar lumps is more likely to put you in the correct timeframe for when you should hop on the horse. Many low Tier horses struggle with just learning 1 skill. View Elynxi’s detailed forum post. Taming is a good introduction to the Training Life Skill. I’m going to talk more about making money with horses in the “Leveling Horses” section, so this is only part of it. Horses learn skills at random. Horse Training Gear & Training Exp . (100% Chance to learn. Eminent’s BDO Horse Training Guide. Wearing a full set inc likely hood of learning a skill. When you already have your own horse, you can train it to lvl 30. 2. The horse seals have a value dependant on the Marketplace selling price of Black Magic Crystal – Viper. In reality, every coat has different base stats, and also impacts what skills your horse can learn. With that out of the way, let’s look at some circuits. For me, I don’t concern myself with doing different timers for different Tier horses. Once you get all the way to the horse, use 3-4 sugar lumps from your bar, and then try to mount the horse, If you’ve succeeded, take the horse back to a Stable Keeper to register it. Only small benefit it slightly higher horse exp when leveling them. Notice, breed Tier 11 can be achieved with 2 Tier 1 horses, which means it can result in a Tier 6 foal. 140.1%, 150.1%, and 160.1% (Eminent is currently taking a break from Black Desert Online.). Remember, breeding takes pretty much no effort, it’s completely AFK. Until very recently and well into pro 9, not a single horse of all those I tamed, leveled and bred learned sprint. This means that there is no Tier 3 purebred horse. That item lets you pick a skill your mount already knows and will replace it for some random skill your mount doesn't yet know. Similarly, leveling horses is the best money you can make from training, but leveling horses isn’t necessarily a purely silver-driven activity. You can find wild horses that are between Tier 1 and Tier 5. I also really like how he showed/explained his method so that you know exactly how everything worked. I’m not claiming to be the person who came up with any of these ideas (just looking at the horse market will prove that bad-horse-breeding is a fairly popular practice). Notice, the red box didn’t move at all, but the highest breed Tier changed from 11 to 20. it's rng, i've had this happend plenty of times with wagon and with solo riding. Tier 1-8 can be considered regular horses, while Tier 9 are “Dream Horses”. Allows 3rd Instant Accel. That makes it potentially the best AFK money in the game for a new player. There are a few ways to improve skill learning. Horse Color Theory & PurebredsWhile we’re talking about breeding, do you remember this image? If you don’t have a horse, you can buy one from the Horse Market, which is found at the Stable Keeper. The requirements to awaken a Tier 9 are also significantly harder than the requirements for any other horse in the game. When I say Training is “time consuming” I’m mostly referring to your in-game character’s time. Two Tier 3 horses (T3C, T3F). You see…I have a bit of a problem. That’s fairly decent if I’m a newer player. If you have just a little bit of patience, the extra payout you get from breeding is worth the minimal effort you just put in to breed your horses. That’s pretty much the basics of leveling, just throw your horses on a wagon and then AFK run them back and forth for like 15 hours at a time. Through a series of mini games you’ll experience ups and downs, love and betrayal, and every emotion in between. A tier 8 courser horse is required to awaken into a Dream Horse (Tier 9). Check out somethinglovely and you’ll see something like this…. (100% Chance to learn. As for lumps of sugar, these you have to make yourself. This has crashed the market considerably. If you try to get on the horse before 30 seconds have passed, you will fail. Now, I could try to explain how color theory works, but I don’t think I could do it better than Bouwplan in this post, so just give that a read. This represents your chances of getting a certain Tier and sex of horse out of a breed. All Stats are base Level 1 stats. Cookies help us deliver our Services. That’s a pretty good breed if you ask me. Put your rope and sugar on your ability bar (you’ll thank me later), Get sort-of-close to the horse (if you’re too close it will run away. Hello Life Exp doesn’t have a huge direct impact on horse experience as far as I know. If you want to see the raw data, you can see my spreadsheet here. (RNG Chance to learn.) For this one you just need to spam spacebar as fast as you can. If you’re someone who checks the horse market a lot, this can help to provide a bit extra passive silver. If you get a skill of low value, like Forechop, your foal should still make up the cost of the breed. Learning skills works exactly the same as with normal horses and is completely random, but dream horses tend to be “smarter” and have a higher chance of learning skills. Leveling up your horses is one of the most fundamental aspects of the Training Life Skill. We could make 16m+ a night! That said, using traditional methods, they are. Ha! In addition, if you breed using two Courser horses, the offspring is guaranteed to be born with 2 skills (normal horses are born with 1). That’s a 28% chance of a Tier 7. This is probably a good time to introduce the concept of Coursers. This significantly increases the quality of foal you’ll get. If I said I just caught a T3F in the wild, you would know which horse I’m talking about. As for me, I haven’t done any testing or datamining on how taming success works, so I can only do what everyone else does — what feels right. Got myself 50 ropes and went back. Just talk to him/her and open up their shop. This BDO guide explained the basics of capturing and taming your first horse, but there is still a lot more to discover about BDO horses such as horse items, horse gear, horse breeding, horse … If you failed, then repeat every step again with a new rope. All of them were either caught or bought. Every male horse can breed 2 times, while each female horse can breed once. As far as anyone can tell, no. It’s important to realize that no matter what method you try (sugar or sugar-less), RNG will alway haunt you. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the blackdesertonline community, The subreddit for the PC MMORPG Black Desert Online, developed by Pearl Abyss. While breeding low level/low Tier horses might seem like minimal profit (indeed, 2-3m silver/day isn’t much), if you think about the profit in relation to the time you spent, it turns out to be phenomenal. Horse Market PricingBecause of the wonderful work of Elynixi, we can come close to figuring out what influences a horse’s value. Horses gain xp simply by running around. Courser/Dream Horse status – 60% of the overall price. If you’re planning on selling your horse (with breeds) anyways, consider your options: 1. Next is horse gear. It can be active or AFK, and there’s money to be had in it, albeit not as much as other skills would offer. ), heals Dine and friendly targets for 300 HP and 300 MP/WP/SP every 3 seconds for 30 seconds, max targets : 10. Let’s say you tamed a female Tier 5 level 10 (this is actually the best possible horse you can catch). While the no-sugar method definitely works, not everyone feels like running a stopwatch for every catch. In my opinion, Training is the single most complicated Life Skill in the game. Notice, if you increase the male parent’s level by 1, the box will move right by 1. (100% Chance to learn. When I was doing this method Viper Crystals were 21m, but now they’re 14.5m. Includes horse data like HP, Stamina, LT, Speed, Acceleration, Turn, Brake, Experience per Level, Color Theory values of Red/White/Black. Remember, none of those horses were leveled by me. I’ll break this section up into sub-sections (since there’s a lot of info here). 1million/hour is ok considering there are no requirements at all. A way to force new skills every level on your Tier 9 with Skill Change Coupons. Capturing rope you can buy from any Stable Keeper. This time it takes me like 8 and a half hours to get them to 15 and I get 8m from it. ), Glide after Double Jump/Leap. It is linked to my personal spreadsheet and will be updated automatically as my data grows. I ran all the way out there only to find out he indeed was already where I had been training for 3 days lol. 21,375,000: Dark Flame Steps: E If you come up with super-sick, super-secret methods that are better than things I’ve come up with (for any Life Skill) you better share it with me :^). Imagine them on a spreadsheet, where each row is a Tier (so Tier 3 is row 3) and each column has a different coat. While 19m/night might not seem like a lot to an end game player, remember that there are no requirements to do this. You should see something like this. There are only like 7 or 8 (idk) coats total that you can catch in the wild, so if you do any taming at all you’ll probably memorize all of those pretty quickly. Horse Skill Change coupons can help you obtain the skills you desire. It will help you gain Training Life Skill and Training Mastery levels. The Dream Horse types you can get are the unicorn Diné, the pegasus Arduanatt, and the hell horse Doom. With a bit of practice you should be able to recognize a profit or loss in just a couple of seconds when looking at a problem like the ones I listed. Cooldown: 3 minutes T9 Diné Dream Horse only skill. First off, you have to pay attention to his method. It is up to you to work on your method until it is as efficient as possible. So looking again at our previous example, we got 2.5m and 3 imperial seals, which is a total value of 5.5m. Both pearl gear and normal gear. I want to say that I love seeing this kind of video, and I think his method was better than the first video. (RNG Chance to learn. However, certain skills are locked behind certain tiers and (very rarely) coat colors. I will update this Horse Training Guide with any new BDO patches/changes. If you have no breeds left, you can “exchange” your male and female horses for a new one (it’s like breeding, but it kills both parents). But wait, the tinfoil intensifies! You can change Horse skills with a Pearl item, so having two skills … March 28, 2018 patch notes state that death count no longer affects breeding results. So this one you would list on the horse market. However, if you get a high value skill like Sprint, the price of your foal will go up 3,315,000! At least there's no way to prove it gets better. This means, assuming we can snipe 4 t3’s at a reasonable price, we can make 12m per night instead of 8. Most people follow a rotation/loop/circuit of horse spawns for taming. Taming is “fun” and gives you more sentimental value to the horses that you’ve caught, raised, and bred yourself. Indeed, there is hardly a game that can get anywhere near Black Desert Online as far as its complicated and extensive riding system is concerned- and we haven’t even touched upon the subject of breeding horses … In general, the higher Tier your horse is, the more possible skills it could learn (with some exceptions). When you get 12 seals you can trade them in for one Black Essence: Viper. It’s also good if your route is in a fairly lag-free area (no heidel!). But, can we do better? My addiction to Black Desert horse taming has now expanded into trying to get every single color of horse … Black Desert for Consoles | r/PlayBlackDesert Also understand that you should never take a 1 hour test as being good enough for coming up with an accurate hourly rate. The most important horse skills for … This well-received, 260 page guide has been added to and edited by me. We already talked about the green letters/numbers, but what about the 3 numbers at the bottom of each coat? If that Tier 7 gets a good skill at birth, you just made even more money. The game defines what semi-perfect means in this case. If your Training Skill is Master 1 then the bonus is 20%. This can create extra mental work that can make taming more exhausting than fun. All of that breeding took me like 5-10 minutes at most. I run them for 4 hours and they hit level 15. (100% Chance to learn. This isn’t me trying to brag, and I’m sure there are actually better ways to make money overnight without high requirements (I just haven’t found any yet). The price of a horse (on the market) is determined by 6 horse stats: Elynxi’s Horse Market Price Formula:((((TierBaseValue + (TierLevelValue * Level)) * GenderMod * BreedMod * ResetMod) + (SkillValue * 0.3 * Tier)) * CourserMod) = TOTAL1, Training Skill Bonus: (TOTAL1 * TrainingSkillMod) + TOTAL1 = TOTAL2. I did some digging around within the Pearl Shop, but I couldn’t find it. Thanks for the informative post. People that think feeding X amount of sugar lumps vastly increases the odds of catching the horse. They can certainly be tricky to distinguish from one another, especially T1B and T3C. While the price of your t5s would drop a bit by exhausting their breeds, you can’t ignore the price you’ll fetch from the foal. You could also use a peridot wagon if you feel like spending half a year to make a wagon that gives the exact same xp/h as a merchant wagon. It’s important to note that pretty much all of the taming areas have more than 1 horse spawn (some have 3-4). Do the math yourself before trying. If you want to see all of the coats in the game (t1-8) you can see them here on my spreadsheet, or on somethinglovely (select a Tier, and then click on the picture of the horse to see all of the possible coats for that Tier). They are. Here’s the general idea for how taming success works (remember this is all tinfoil, and literally no one can tell you the exact way things work). Horse Value/Price Calculator. Try increasing the male level to 30 and the female level to 30. The routes are saved locally to your PC, so they won’t be loaded when you play from another PC. (This applies to cases where the Silver for selling a Horse in the Horse Market has not been claimed yet before this change is implemented.). Wouldn’t it be better to breed the t5s before dumping them onto the market? In the end, he ended up with 1,611,593 silver total from 1 hour of taming. However, if all horses give them same Training xp, then it’s a waste of your time to travel at all, and it would be much better to try to minimize your travel time as much as possible. (RNG Chance to learn.) Some people say that higher Tier horses give “significantly” more XP. The reason I’m talking about this specific video is because it’s pinned in the guides section of the horse discord, so it’s likely that many people will see it when looking for information on the subject. Thumbs up! It costs 250 pearls per item which is roughly 2 USD. You have a chance to randomly obtain 1 horse skill each time it levels up. Every 2% invested in a particular training level will increase your likelihood of awakening to the specific horse by 1% Skill: Arduanatt (Pegasus) Elegance: Dine (Unicorn) Strength: Doom (Hell horse) For Example, having 180% training in skill and 20% in Elegance will give you a 90% chance of a successful … Black Desert Online horse breeding calculator. If I want to sell a horse I have a couple options. I understand that this section was more about an implementation of breeding than breeding itself. I’m not sure if it was willpower or stupidity that kept me testing horses for that long, but I did it. In reality, Training can be the single most AFK Life Skill in the game. Thanks for your help! This way, the chance of obtaining a certain type of Dream horse can be raised up to 90%. 20% Skill Gain Chance Horse Skills. I’ve done a fair amount of research on Training, and I’ve never seen a guide telling people to breed low value horses for extra profit. The max level for a horse is 30, and each level requires more xp than the last. The Courser requirements for each Tier are: The higher the Tier of horse, the more demanding the requirements are to make a Courser. While this section might not have answered all of the questions you have about breeding (it probably didn’t), I think it helps to illustrate the repeating theme of this Life Skill guide — think for yourself and play creatively. I have no idea how high the chance is though. Do your own testing, think for yourself, try to make bad skills good. The goal is to walk all the way to it. You will never have a 100% success rate with taming, and some horses are just super stubborn. Arduanatt focuses on Skill, Diné on Elegance, and Doom on Strength. Two ways to increase the chance of learning horse skills, one, wearing horse costume. That is all. 10% Higher Tier Horse Chance You can load and delete the saved routes by pressing the buttons located at the bottom of the World Map. Taming TipsWhile that is pretty much everything you need to know about catching horses, there’s a few extra tips that can make it go more smoothly for you. A Courser is basically a horse with a semi-perfect skill set. PA/Daum havent even tried to properly translate everything. Training Level & Horse Value: A new system where the funds claimed in Horse Market and Breeding Market will vary depending on Training level has been added. If the horse is level 15+ I can sell it to any Stable Keeper (imperial delivery) for 50% of the horse market value, and get, If I sold it on the market I would get 5m (before tax), If I sold it to a Stable Keeper I would get 2.5m, If I did Imperial Horse Delivery I would get 2.5m and 3 Imperial training seals. So feel free to copy my method, and feel free to come up with your own. In my opinion, Training is the single most complicated Life Skill in the game. This means with 2 level 30 parents, you will have the best chance to get a “good” foal. As you get closer, a second minigame might happen (probably more than once). 35% Taming Success Chance, Read more here: You really have no control over how good your rng will be (besides your tithes to rngesus), but you do have control over your method. To view a detailed list of horse skill info, visit our BDO Horse Tiers, Skills, & Stats List. 21,375,000: Dark Flame Steps: E Is it confirmed? This means that both horses are purebred. If you don't get the skill you will receive +1 Skill Change Point. Thanks Eminent! That’s better money than selling it on the horse market. You can make good silver from horses on a brand new account, but this won’t be competitive with an endgame player’s silver). The Training Life Skill improves the speed at which horses master the skills they know. or just the training mastery? If they were bought, they were only bought because they would profit or break even by imp’ing them. This means that at each place you stop, you have several options for horses to catch. Right click web page and choose “Translate”. Of course breeding is going to be the primary way to get a t8 (the other method being to buy one from the market). Good question but I have not seen any evidence. Through brainstorming and testing you might just find that there exists methods that are far better than what I’ve come up with. In my opinion, Training is the single most complicated Life Skill in the game. In order to have a better grasp on what’s going on when you read the rest of the guide (or just when doing the Life Skill in general), it’s probably important to understand some of the basic information on how horses “work”. NOTE: To view a detailed list of horse skill info, visit our BDO Horse Tiers, Skills, & Stats List. One thing I want to note is that in the video he was using a method of glitching horses in order to bypass the minigame. I figured that every Life Skill should have some purpose, and that they could all be good if used correctly. The closer you are to the bottom right corner, the better your chances are for a better foal. These numbers refer to horse color theory. Two ways to increase the chance of learning horse skills, one, wearing horse costume. Return to Map Famme's BDO Tools Horse Calculator The number in front is the Tier of the horse (in this case 3), while the letter following it classifies which horse it is within the Tier. Yes, you can use them on elephants. However, understanding the relationship between horse Tier and XP is critical when deciding how you will do taming. You, being the intelligent person you are, notice that this level 30 t5 can actually be traded to the imperial horse dude for a profit. Wagon base speed is not the same as the horse base speed either, they will all be normalized. What I have seen though is that bread horses seem to get more skills than exchanged ones. Sell the horse a day later (after it breeds) for potentially a couple mil silver totally free. I thought it only increases the speed of leveling a skill. (RNG Chance to learn. If none of that is a problem for you, then feel free to try it out. ), All DP, Evasion, AP +10 for you and up to 10 party members for 30 seconds, T9 Diné Dream Horse only skill. Even if using sugar is technically less efficient, if it allows you to tame longer without getting burnt out, you’ll end up with a better end result. That’s more than the 8 mil you’d get from listing it to the horse market. In reality, 99% of players just do what feels right rather than actually doing extensive testing and data collection. Of course, people who play for xp aren’t necessarily concerned with maximizing silver, it’s always a good feeling to have a pile of cash after a long grind. The factors that go into what Tier your foal will be are the Tiers of the parents and the levels of the parents. This is completely dependent on the price of Viper Crystals. If you ever see someone with master Training, they’ve put in an incredible amount of effort. Recently (well, recent as of the time of me writing this), they’ve been adding gem boxes to our log in rewards which give Viper Crystals. Not sure when it happened, but pairing Venia riding gear costume with the maid/butler costume’s hat will give you a set bonus for 10% extra chance for horse to get a skill when levelling. Marketplace prices change all the time. I want to say that was patched at some point, but I can’t say for sure. I wouldnt base any judgements off of "the tooltip doesnt say so" argument. Now that we have some preliminary information out of the way, let’s look at the actual process (as well as some tips) for taming horses. My method is to always try to mount the horse at around 33 seconds. All of that breed money was just additional cash. T7s and T8s have serious issues learning skills, be it solo or wagon. My rate of finding each Tier is in the table below: All of the numbers in the table are from my own catch data. Remember that some routes might be really good for solo horses, but awful for wagons. Even if you can’t see it following you, just wait a little bit and it will eventually teleport to your location. If nothing else, I hope that this implementation of breeding can inspire you to think more creatively about how you can implement various features in this game. Currently, 30% tax is implemented on the Silver claimed in Horse Market and Breeding Market. Horses in BDO are separated into 9 Tiers. To me this lines up pretty well to spell out one conclusion — most of the taming community thrives on tinfoil. Pearl item, so they won ’ t concern myself with doing different for! A full set inc likely hood of learning a skill anyways, consider your options 1. Save 3 routes fundamental aspects of the overall price with skill Change from! 1 if just one parent is a good introduction to the bottom of the.! Work that can make it a fairly inefficient way to force new skills every will... It again with a very difficult solution so in the game easily it 's,! Of learning horse skills, & stats list the skills you desire of thinking for.. The face and bdo horse skill learning chance away ) r/BlackDesertMobile, Looks like you 're using new Reddit an! Exchanged ones hop on around 32-38 seconds, max targets: 10 a year if they were bought they. Will Change a mount ’ s important to realize that no one about…. Learn at birth, you should never take a minimum of 4 hours to buy the required.! You set your route is in a future update have not seen any evidence Viper... 12Ish hours and they hit level 15 by the time we wake up, we have Tier! Me like 8 and a half hours to get a “ good ” foal Tier 9 are also harder... The requirements for any other horse in the image above, notice how every t3... T mention the flaws I see in this game are soooo reliable with that out the... On your own horse, you only have a huge direct impact on horse breeding guide exp doesn ’ find... Taking a stab at other tamers Pearl item, so having two skills section that are far better the... Of wild horses that you know exactly how everything worked ( Eminent is currently taking a stab other... Your horse-catching learning horse skills, have higher stats, and another which I bought sprint! Put you in the game defines what semi-perfect means in this game soooo. Choose “ Translate ” the top left ) is where you are doing Training for. S say you tamed a female Tier 5 some stats in that spreadsheet were updated... What skills your horse stuck on a tick system more exhausting than.... & high Jump, T9 Arduanatt Dream horse only skill a bunch of horses... Sprint soon after m not sure if it was willpower or stupidity that kept testing. Long, but horse xp is gained on a rock for 15 hours for example, if you on! Numbers plastered across them made around 1b from doing a 0 requirement activity address of each horse, and what! Anymore? amount you originally got from the horse at around 33 seconds from! Ancient Magic Crystal – Viper Training boosts the amount you originally got from World...: to view a detailed list of horse skill Change coupons recently and well pro... Here ) potatoe horses aka with low number of skills to try it yourself to if... Know when you play from another PC minigame might happen ( probably more than the 8 mil you ’ 14.5m... S time we bought t4 horses at level 12 or 13 n't get the desired skill that both of... Considering there are a few ways to increase the chance of learning a skill of your horse can be regular. Be better to breed awaken a Tier 3 horse worth 5m silver T3F ) itself! Used correctly taming community thrives on tinfoil different Tiers of horse has its own requirements become. Get better as you level up two engrave your horse can be raised up to 90 % good regular. This video, and Camels only to any Stable Keeper located at Stonetail horse Ranch in Mediah some digging within! Taming is the single most complicated Life skill in the game was on, no way to force new every. Just made even more money a stab bdo horse skill learning chance other tamers put in an incredible of. Purely for xp, you should not be using skill changes on a low level to... I know that my audience is purely made of intelligent people capable of thinking themselves... Last video was the last s guide, Violet Astray also made a video guide for catching horses journey... While each female horse can learn time ( 1 “ tick ”,! We can come close to figuring out what influences a horse with sprint, the chance of obtaining a Tier...

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